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Nickname: Kidfire

   Lamar "Kidfire" Parks opened his professional career on October 4, 1988 with a 4 round decision win over fellow South Carolinian - Lennell Stroman.  It would be nearly 2 1/2 years before another one of his opponents would hear the final bell.

   The Greenville, SC native ran his record to 9-0, 8 by knockout before being stepped up, and put in against undefeated pro, and former Olympian - Chris Sande (7-0) in a bout scheduled for 6 rounds,  that would test two of the top prospects in the middleweight division. The bout took place 4/29/90 at Caesars in Atlantic City, on the undercard of the Nigel Benn/Doug Dewitt WBO World title bout. It was Kidfire Parks who passed this test, as he scored a 5th round tko stoppage over Sande.

   The streak continued as Parks ran off 4 more knockout victories before being taken the full 10 rounds against renowned Brinatty Maquilon in Lewiston, Maine.  Though Maquilon held on to go the distance, he was punished throughout in losing a 10-round unanimous decision.

   Parks then came home to South Carolina and scored a 10-round shutout win over tough 28-fight veteran Lester Yarbrough.  That fight was a tune-up bout to get Parks ready for his first title challenge against Lenzie Morgan (11-4-1) for his WBC Continental Americas Middleweight belt.

   It was July 6, 1991 that saw Parks pick up his first title belt by taking a hard fought, but clear and unanimous 12-round decision win over Morgan.  Lamar was now 17-0, held a title belt and was world ranked.

   Two fights later, he added the NABF middleweight title belt to his growing collection, with a 6th round stoppage over Colorado's Donnie Giron (15-2-2). Another impressive win for Parks.

   He defended his WBC Continental Americas title with a strong showing against Percy "No Mercy" Harris (15-2), stopping him in round 10. A win that set Lamar Parks up for his chance at a world title.

   It was October 27, 1992 when "Kidfire" Parks got his shot at the WBA middleweight championship against the defending champion "Sweet" Reggie Johnson who was 31-2-1, 20 ko and held in high regard as a technician and warrior.  The fight was a closely contested boxing match that went the distance, but after 12 hard fought and tough rounds, it was the champion - Johnson retaining his title on a close but unanimous decision. Scores were: 116-112, 116-113, and 115-113

   The Reggie Johnson fight turned out to be Lamar's first and only loss.  It was also his first and only world title challenge.  He was back in action 3 months later, and fought his final 5 fights in 1993, including a win over Gilbert Baptist for the Vacant WBC Continental Americas Middleweight title belt.

   He fought his final pro bout in November, going out with a 4th round tko win over Joaquin Velasquez in Atlantic City.

   At only 23 years of age, Parks career was ended by health concerns. He tested HIV positive and could not get licensed to fight again. His career was short, but very exciting. With power, speed, and skill, he was very entertaining in the ring and came within a few points of becoming the WBA world Champion. He ended his pro boxing career with an excellent record of 27 wins, 1 defeat, and winning 21 by knockout.

If you would like to see Lamar Parks in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

LAMAR "Kidfire" PARKS vs
1. CHRIS SANDE                                      [tko-5]
2. LEMORRAH BOLDING                       [tko-3]       
3. BASANTE BLANCO                            [tko-2]
4. ERIC RHINEHART                               [tko-3]
5. LENZIE MORGAN                               [w-12] {WBC Cont-Am Middle Title}
6. KEN HULSEY                                       [tko-1]
7. DONNIE GIRON                                   [tko-6] {NABF Middle Title}
8. FRANCISCO DEJESUS                        [ko-3]
9. PERCY HARRIS                                    [tko-10] {WBC Cont-Am Middle Title}
10. JOSE LOPEZ                                        [tko-1]
11. REGGIE JOHNSON                             [L-12] {WBA Middle Title}
12. RICKY THOMAS                                [w-10]
13. WILLIE KEMP                                    [tko-5]
14. DANNY "Popeye" GARCIA               [w-10]
15. GILBERT BAPTIST                            [tko-11] {Vacant WBC Cont-Am Middle Title}
16. JOAQUIN VELASQUEZ                    [tko-4] (*Lamar Parks LAST pro bout)

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   Antonio Diaz was born in Mexico, but lived in and fought out of Coachella, California.  He opened his pro career with a first round knockout win at Coachella's Spotlight 29 Casino, over O'neill Reed.

   He was 4-0 before taking his first defeat by a close split decision to fellow Californian Ruben Alvarado in 4 rounds.  It seems he didn't want to leave it up to the judges any longer, as he bounced back with 5 straight knockout wins (4 in the first round)!

   It was Sept. 21, 1996 when he took a huge step up and faced off with another rising contender - Juan Lazcano (11-1, 8 ko). The fight took place at The Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. It went the full 6 rounds with Lazcano winning a razor-thin majority decision on scores of 58-56 twice, and 57-57. Even though it was a 2nd loss, that fight only proved that Diaz was a real contender.

   He ran off 10 straight wins, included among those he defeated were Albuquerque, New Mexico's Rudy Lovato and Ameth Aranda.

   Diaz was now 20-2 and was given a shot at the IBA Jr. Welterweight Title against defending champion Ahmed Santos (21-1-3).  It was a great night for Antonio as he won his first title belt in grand fashion via scores of 120-106, 116-110, and 117-110. An impressive win. Diaz was a worthy champion who successfully defended that title 11 times! He only lost it by surrendering it to go after the WBC Welterweight Title against legendary champion - Shane Mosley.

   His streak of IBA title defenses was incredible: Alberto Cortes (70-7-1), Patrick Thorns (18-1-1), Hector Quiroz (25-2-1), Cory Spinks (13-0), Mauro Lucero (32-4-1), Marlon Thomas (18-3-1), Emanuel Augustus (25-13-4), Terrell Finger (22-1-1), James Crayton (31-11-2), Ivan Robinson (29-3), Omar Weiss (33-1), and in a non-title fight just before facing Mosley for the WBC Title, he defeated "Irish" Micky Ward via 10-round unanimous decision!  That was an incredible run which kept Diaz world ranked and a television favorite.
Dan Sisneros visits with Antonio Diaz at the Top Rank offices in 1999

   It was Nov 4, 2000 when Diaz was named as the challenger for Shane Mosley's WBC Welterweight Title belt. The fight took place at Madison Square Garden.  Diaz brought a record of 35-2 into this night as he faced a phenomenal champion in undefeated, and seemingly invincible Mosley (35-0). The bout was carried on HBO. There was no upset on this night, as "Sugar Shane" scored a 6th round tko over Diaz to defend his title.

   4 wins later, Diaz found his self going after the vacant WBO Welterweight championship against Antonio Margarito (25-3).  It was a closely contested title match, but Margarito was able to stop Diaz in round 10 to win the vacant title.

   In his next bout, Antonio was cut from an unintentional head butt by his opponent Edwin Vazquez, and the bout was ruled a technical draw in round 2. He then lost a rematch with Hector Quiroz by technical knockout in round 9.  Going 0-2-1 in those 3 bouts looked like the beginning of a slide in Antonio's career, but he proved that this was not the case, as he went 7-0 after the loss to Quiroz, and picked up the WBO Latino Jr. Middleweight title to boot!

   Dec. 12, 2009 saw Diaz in a wild affair as he took on another world ranked contender - "Vicious" Victor Ortiz. 
Diaz goes to war with Victor Ortiz
Diaz was dropped in round 3 of that one, but even though he got up to battle with Ortiz, the fight was stopped due to a terrible cut over Antonio's left eye. The doctor did not let Diaz come out for round 7.

   Antonio would fight his final bout nearly 2 years later as he went out on top with a nice win over Ernesto "Baby" Zepeda at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

   It was a fun ride that lasted a decade and a half!  Diaz was one of the IBA's greatest champions, and always a favorite with boxing fans who tuned in to his televised and live bouts.  He represented his fighting family very well.  Antonio finished his pro career with an outstanding final tally of 47 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw, and won 30 of those by knockout!

Check out his impressive record at ANTONIO DIAZ's Pro record

If you would like to see this fan favorite in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

 1. ONIEL REED                              [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. CHRIS VALDEZ                           [ko-1]
3. JORGE MORALES                       [ko-2]
4. JOSE LUIS CRUZ                          [ko-1]
5. AHMED SANTOS                         [w-12] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
6. PATRICK THORNS                        [ko-2] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
7. HECTOR QUIROZ #1                    [tko-12] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
8. CORY SPINKS                               [w-12] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
9. MAURO LUCERO                         [ko-2] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
10. JUAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ                 [w-10]
11. MARLON THOMAS                     [w-12] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
12. EMMANUEL AUGUSTUS (Burton)             [w-12] {IBA Jr.Welter Title}
13. TERRELL FINGER                      [ko-7] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
14. JAMES CRAYTON                     [ko-7] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
15. IVAN ROBINSON                       [tko-11] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
16. OMAR WEIS                               [w-12] {IBA Jr. Welter Title}
17. MICKY WARD                            [w-10]
18. SHANE MOSLEY                       [tko-by-6] {WBC Welter Title]
19. GILBERT QUIROS                     [ko-4]
20. JORGE LUIS LOPEZ                  [tko-5]
21. OSCAR DELGADO                    [tko-6]
22. ORLANDO HOLLIS                   [tko-9]
23. ANTONIO MARGARITO          [tko-by-10] {Vacant WBO Welter Title}
24. EDWIN VAZQUEZ                     [tech-draw-2]                   
25. HECTOR QUIROZ #2                 [tko-by-9]
26. FELIX FLORES                          [w-12] {Vacant WBO Latino Jr. Middle Title}
28. VICTOR ORTIZ                          [tko-by-7]
29. ERNESTO "Baby" ZEPEDA      [tko-8] (*Antonio Diaz's LAST pro bout)

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Nickname: "The Educator"
   Las Vegas, New Mexico's Shawn Gallegos enjoyed a very successful amateur career.

   He turned professional in July of 2000, scoring a 2nd round tko over Rafael Magana in Santa Fe, NM, and proceeded to run off a record of 6-0 with 3 kos to start his professional career before running into Mexico's Miguel "Conan" Torresillas and losing a close split decision over 6 rounds for his first defeat.

   After an easy first round tko win in his next fight, Shawn was put into a matchup that pitted two of New Mexico's most promising prospects (at the time) in a local showdown.  The opponent was Albuquerque's Jacob "Razor Sharp" Romero who was 10-1-1.  It was considered a "pick-em" fight, but on that night it was all Gallegos as Shawn put on a smooth boxing exhibition in taking a clear and unanimous decision over 6 rounds on scores of 59-55, and 60-54 twice. A big win that boosted Shawn to the top of the New Mexico prospects list.

    After the impressive showing against Romero, Shawn had a record of 8-1 and was given a chance to fight for the vacant New Mexico State Lightweight in the main event against another fellow New Mexico favorite - Tommy Aragon (7-4-1).  It was another very impressive showing by the Las Vegas boxer as he again scored a clear and unanimous decision win over Aragon over 8 rounds to win his first professional title belt.

   The fight against Aragon was entertaining, and 4 months later, Tommy was given a rematch against Gallegos in a bout that was held at Albuquerque's Kiva Auditorium. This time they moved up 5 pounds and fought for the vacant New Mexico Jr. Welterweight title belt. It was the same result, Gallegos boxed his way to another clear unanimous decision win to pick up his 2nd New Mexico title belt.

   Gallegos continued his winning ways and ran off 5 more wins including a 6-round shutout win over very tough Colorado veteran Benjie Marquez.  Now with a record of 15-1, Gallegos was starting to get some national recognition.

   Shawn was offered a shot at his first national title belt.  He gladly accepted the challenge to face unbeaten NABA champion Dmitriy Salita (22-0) for his title belt, but would have to travel to Salita's home turf of New York City to take it.

   It was August 25, 2005 and Gallegos was fighting in only his 2nd ever 10 round bout. A huge step up. It was too big a step as Gallegos started off looking good, but eventually the champion - Salita - was able to gain control and topped Shawn in the 9th round of this title bout.

   Gallegos made his return in Santa Fe, NM against A very solid opponent in El Paso Texas' Carlos
Madrid (6-1).  It was a solid technical performance as Gallegos was able to control his opponent and
Gallegos with Dan after big win against Carlos Madrid
looked sharp in winning a near shutout on scores of 79-73 from all 3 judges. Shawn Gallegos was "back" and ready to face off with more ranked fighters.  His next two fights were against highly regarded contenders.

   Shawn traveled to Florida for a shot against former WBA World Champion - knockout artist Randall Bailey (33-5, 29 KO) for the now vacant IBA Inter-Continental Jr. Welterweight Championship. Bailey proved to be ready on that night and stopped Gallegos in 8 rounds to win that title belt.

   In the next fight, Gallegos found his self in Finland facing another undefeated contender in Denis Shafikov (14-0). It was a spirited performance by Gallegos, but the hometown hero got the unanimous decision to hand Gallegos his 4th loss.

   Gallegos returned to New Mexico and put together 2 straight wins, and then took about 3 1/2 years away from the ring to heal from a torn ACL before returning for a big showdown victory over Belen, New Mexico's very popular Jeremiah "The Jet" Torres via unanimous decision over 6 rounds.

Gallegos gets his hand raised in victory for the final time

    As it turned out, the win over Torres would be Gallegos final victory.  He fought twice more and ended his career on Nov. 15, 2014 being stopped in 6 rounds by Ranee "Mr. Knockout" Ganoy to put a wrap on his professional career.

   Gallegos is a math teacher and took on the boxing nickname of "The Educator" as he not only taught students, but often schooled his opponents in the ring.  He finished his professional boxing career with a record of 19-6, winning 5 by knockout. He was exciting as a young amateur, and had a successful career winning two state title belts as a professional.

Check out Shawn's entire pro ledger on boxrec: SHAWN "The Educator" GALLEGOS

If you would like to see Shawn Gallegos in the boxing ring, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. DMITRY SALITA  [tko-by-9] {NABA Jr. Welter Title}

1. Albert Ruelas
2. Anthony Contreras
3. Andrew Ruiz (Hideout)

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  He was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. 6' 10" Stanley Wright turned professional in June of 1990, and it didn't go as planned, being ko'd in round 2 against New York's Tim Igo.

   It was a "streaky" road for Wright who bounced back with a 2nd round tko win of his own over 9-1 Haakan Brock to even up his record at 1-1. He then lost to highly regarded Boris Powell, and followed that loss with a victory over Steve Cross to again even up his record at 2-2.

   He then lost 3 in a row and stood at 2-5 as a professional. Wright had heart, and determination. He then ran off a streak of 6 straight wins by knockout. Improving his record to 8-5 and putting him in line for a shot at an undefeated prospect named Peter McNeeley (24-0) for the vacant New England Heavywieght title belt.
Stanley Wright scores the upset via tko-8 over unbeaten McNeeley
   It was a great night as Stanley Wright made the most of his opportunity stopping "Hurricane" McNeeley in round 8 to win that coveted title belt!

   Wright lost his next fight against another highly regarded and at the time, unbeaten New England area favorite - Kevin McBride (6-0-1) in a non-title matchup. Wright dropped a 6 round decision to the man who would go on to stop Mike Tyson in 6 rounds ending the career of the legendary "Iron Mike".

   Wright was unsuccessful in his first title defense, losing a 10-round decision to Juan Quintana. 2 fights later, Wright avenged that loss, and won his 2nd title belt in the process with a 6th round knockout over Quintana, earning Wright the Massachusetts Heavyweight title.

   Stanley Wright won his next fight via 2nd round knockout, and then ended his pro campaign with 4 straight losses, but all of them were against undefeated, world-class opposition.  Henry Akinwande (25-0-1) who would go on to win the WBO Heavyweight world title, Michael Grant (11-0), Bobby Harris (15-0), and finishing his pro career being stopped in round 2 by Billy Tompkins (12-0) in Atlantic City, NJ.

   Big Stanley always made an impression on boxing fans, and ended his streaky pro career with a final record of 12 wins, 11 losses, and all of his 12 wins came by knockout!

   An impressive, and action packed career for the man who now calls Portland, Maine home.

   Check out his pro ledger on STANLEY WRIGHT - Line by line pro career

If you would like to see "Big Stanley" Wright in ring action, I have these bouts available on DVD:

1. HENRY AKINWANDE           [tko-by-2]
2. MICHAEL GRANT                 [tko-by-2]
3. BOBBY HARRIS                    [tko-by-4] (*Missing round 1)

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Nickname: B.T. EXPRESS

   He was the pride of Charlotte, NC.  Bernard Taylor was a legendary amateur boxer who compiled an unbelievable record of 481-8, and qualified for the 1980 U.S. Olympic team which never had the chance to compete due to a boycott of those games by the United States.  He was a favorite to win a medal, and probably the gold.

   His professional career began on October 4, 1980 with a 6 round decision win over 6 fight veteran Antonio Rutledge.  He was on his way, and was on a fast-tracked schedule that saw him run his record to 11-0 in just 1 year.

   He continued his winning ways, and after building an 18-0 record, which included impressive wins over toughies Refugio Rojas (20-8), and Jose Vidal Concepcion (16-2-2), he had moved into world title contention, and was granted a shot at WBA Featherweight Champion - Eusebio Pederoza's (33-3, 22 ko) title.

   The fight was held in Taylor's home town of Charlotte, NC.  Incredibly, it was Pedroza's 15th title defense.  The fight was considered a "toss-up" by most boxing analysts.  The undefeated highly skilled but untested challenger against the smooth and skilled champion who had held that title for over 4 1/2 years!  Pedrdoza had a reputation for not being "shy" about bending the rules, and could be a real rough-houser when needed.  It was a highly anticipated bout that was broadcast on ABC television.

   It was a highly entertaining bout with Taylor starting off moving cautiously, but it was just a matter of time until the champion would force Taylor into a fire-fight.  After 15 close and hard fought rounds, the judges (which included referee Stanley Christodoulou) could not choose a winner. Christodoulou saw it 147-143 for Pedroza. Judge Knud Jensen scored it 146-144 for Taylor, and the deciding Judge Oscar Oppen came up with 146-146 making it a 3-way split draw. Taylor remained undefeated, but Eusebio Pedroza successfully defended his WBA title belt for a 16th time.

   After the disappointing result of his first title defense, Taylor continued on, and continued to win. He remained unbeaten and world ranked.  Pedroza also continued winning, but in his 21st title defense, it finally happened.  Pedroza traveled to London where he lost his title to red-hot Irishman Barry McGuigan via 15 round unanimous decision.

   Bernard Taylor was the #1 ranked contender in the WBA, and got his 2nd chance to win a world Featherweight championship, but this time it would not be fought in North Carolina.  Taylor would have to bring his 33-0-1 record to Belfast, Northern Ireland for a challenge of Barry McGuigan (27-1, 23 ko) in the first defense of his championship.

    It was a good fight, but eventually, the high-pressure, power-punching style of the man known as "The Clones Cyclone" was too much.  Taylor was unable to answer the bell for round 9. "Irish" Barry McGuigan was successful in the first defense of his world title belt.  Taylor had come up short again. He performed well, but not well enough to bring the title back to the United States. Bernard Taylor tasted defeat for the first time in his professional career.

   Taylor was back in the ring just 5 months later, and began another winning streak.  After two wins, he challenged "Baby" Joe Ruelaz (19-2) for his NABF Featherweight championship, and this time, Taylor was not to be denied as he won a hard-fought, but clear unanimous decision victory over 12 rounds.  He had his first title belt.  It was not a World title, but the NABF title had to feel good around his waist and gave him confidence that one more world title shot was attainable.

   Taylor went 1-1 in his next two fights. Both were non-title fights, winning a decision over Antonio De La Paz, and being stopped by tough Hector Lopez in round 9. Both of those fights were held at the Forum in Inglewood, CA.

The "B.T. Express" battles Barry McGuigan in Belfast.
   Bernard's next 5 fights were all title fights. 3 were successful defenses of his NABF title, and he also added the Tennessee state Jr. Lightweight, and USBA Jr. Lightweight titles to his collection.  In the process scoring world class wins over Javier Marquez (30-4-3) twice, Calvin Grove (38-2),  and a draw with Jeff Franklin (18-2-2) to hold on to his NABF title.

   Taylor continued to roll, with 2 more wins before defending his title against unbeaten top prospect Eugene Speed (21-0) in Speed's backyard of Washington D.C.  Bernard Taylor battled his way to a split decision victory to defend his title on scores of 116-112 (Taylor), 118-110 (Speed), and a deciding verdict of 116-111 for Taylor.  It was a huge win that solidified his place in line for another world title shot.  After being off for about 16 months, he came back with a 1st round knockout win in a tune-up bout before taking his 3rd and probably last shot at a world title.

   In October of 1993, Taylor traveled to Puerto Rico as the challenger for John John Molina's (32-3) IBF Jr. Lightweight title belt.  It was a tough assignment facing one of Puerto Rico's most popular champions on La Isla del Encanto (The Island of Enchantment).  Molina was strong and impressive, and caught Taylor with an uppercut that rocked him badly, followed by a right/left combination that had him in serious trouble.  Taylor didn't go down, but the referee stopped a badly hurt Taylor from taking deadly punishment as he was caught in the corner and seemingly defenseless.  It was the right call. 
Taylor's 3rd and final World Title fight against John John Molina

   Bernard would fight just once more.  It was his final pro bout, a defense of his USBA title belt against former WBF and WBC Continental Americas Champion Pete Taliaferro (24-2, 18 ko).  It was a split decision win for Taliaferro.  That fight closed out a 13+ year journey for Bernard Taylor.

   Bernard finished with a final record of 45 wins, 4 losses, 2 draws, scoring 22 knockouts.  No, he didn't win a world title, but he did win the NABF, USBA and Tennessee state championships and fought 3 times for world titles against top notch champions.  He was SO CLOSE to winning the world championship in his first challenge against Eusebio Pedroza, but the draw was all Pedroza needed to keep that title belt. He is remembered fondly by boxing fans, and is a legend of North Carolina's boxing scene.

Check out Bernard Taylor's complete pro ledger on BERNARD TAYLOR

If you would like to see Bernard "B.T. Express" Taylor in ring action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

EUSEBIO PEDROZA  [Draw-15] {WBA Feather Title}
GERALD HAYES #2  [w-10]
BARRY MCGUIGAN  [tko-by-8] {WBA Feather Title}
"Baby" JOE RUELAZ  [w-12] {NABF Feather Title}
HECTOR LOPEZ  [tko-by-9] (*HL ONLY)
CALVIN GROVE  [tko-11] {USBA Jr. Light Title}
JOHN JOHN MOLINA  [tko-by-8] {IBF Jr. Light Title}
PETE TALIAFERRO     [L-12] {USBA Jr. Light Title} (*Bernard Taylor's LAST Pro Bout)

1. Ramon Sosa (Argentina) -d2484        [w-3] (1979 Pan-Am Games)  (HL ONLY)

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   Riverside California's Ramon Orozco was always a good athlete, but at 5' 4" tall he got into boxing where he could compete against athletes his own size.  After a short but winning amateur career he turned professional on August 6, 1994 in Pomona, California.  He started fast with a first round technical knockout over Chino, California's Eusebio Jauregui.

   After the pro debut victory, things slowed down as he went 0-3-1 in his next 4 bouts.  Those 3 losses included decisions to unbeatens Johnny Walker (3-0), and U.S. Olympian Julian "The Dealer" Wheeler (8-0), so even though he stood with a record of 1-3-1, his reputation was solid.
Orozco stops "Flash" Gordon Williams in round 2

   He turned things around and went 4-1 in the next 5 fights including a mild upset over Gordon Williams at the Forum in Inglewood, CA, and a big upset win, at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles,over Mexico's Miguel Angel Ruiz who was 10-1 when Orozco beat him. Ruiz would later go on to challenge Hector Camacho Jr. for the NABA Jr. Welter Title.

   Ramon went 2-3-1 in his final 6 fights, ending with a 4th round tko win over Victor Hugo Sanchez on Sept. 26, 1996 at the Marriot ballroom in Irvine, California.

   He finished his pro campaign even up at 7 wins, 7 losses, 2 draws, and winning 4 by knockout.  He was the original "Riverside Rocky" and had fans roaring at all of his bouts! Trained by "Trainer of Champions" Jessie Reid, Ramon was always ready for a rumble.  He got his self in trouble, lost some valuable years of prime time in his youth, and would have probably achieved much more in the ring.  But his short pro boxing career was action packed each time out!
Ramon Orozco goes to war with Marco Antonio Ramos for the victory

   Click here to check out Ramon's full ledger at RAMON OROZCO COMPLETE RECORD

   If you would like to see Ramon Orozco in ring action, I have the following bouts available on DVD (contact me for information):

 1. JOHNNY WALKER            [L-4]
2. JULIAN WHEELER           [L-6]
3. GORDON WILLIAMS      [ko-2]
5. DAVID VAZQUEZ        [tko-by-2]

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


   Born in tiny Luna, New Mexico and now fighting out Santa Fe NM.  Joaquin Zamora was a favorite around the New Mexico amateur circuit before turning professional in 2002 with a first round tko of Dwayne Pope.

   Zamora traveled to Las Vegas Nevada where he lost his 2nd pro fight by stoppage in round 3 against Durango, Mexico's Juan Manuel Salazar in Salazar's pro debut.

   He then ran off a 4-0-1 streak before facing hard hitting Elco Garcia for the vacant WBC Mundo Hispano Jr.Middleweight Title. It was an all-out war for 6 rounds before Garcia got the stoppage to win that title.

   Joaquin learned much from that encounter and began another winning streak going 7-0, 6 ko's before stepping in to face Mexico's Nelson Estupinan (12-3) for the USNBC Welterweight Title belt. It was a glorious night as Zamora put on a dominant performance over 10 rounds to win a lop-sided unanimous decision and left the ring with the belt around his waist.

   In April of 2007 Zamora successfully defended his title belt against highly regarded James "Too Sweet" Crayton by a unanimous decision on scores of  99-91, 99-91, and 100-90.  His level of opposition had risen, and he was equal to the challenge.  He was making noise, and began to get attention in the national rankings off of these back-to-back wins against high level opponents.

   Zamora's next big challenge came Sept. 5, 2008 as he faced off against fellow New Mexico prospect Ray Sanchez III (21-2) in a bout televised on the Telefutura network. It was a much anticipated match and didn't disappoint the fans in attendance, and tuned-in live around the world.  It was 3 rounds of war, but when the smoke cleared, It was Zamora who had his hand raised in victory via 3rd round tko.
Ray Sanchez III and Joaquin Zamora locked in battle in 2008

    The next two fights were big ones for Zamora who looked impressive.  First up was a 10 round unanimous decision win over Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez (12-4-1) again televised on Telefutura. 6 months later, he squared off with and stopped Josh Renteria (15-2) in the 10th round.

   Nearly a year-and-a-half later, Zamora took his 18-2-1 record, traveled to Miami, Florida, and moved up in weight to challenge for the vacant IBO Latino Middleweight title against Nigeria's Eromosele Albert (22-4-1).  It was another spirited fight, but it was Zamora being stopped by Albert in round 9.  Zamora then lost a hard fought rematch via decision to Elco Garcia, that fight also televised on Telefutura network.

Zamora with other New Mexico favorites

   He improved the record of  his pro campaign with 4 straight unanimous decision victories with his last victory being a 6 round win over Oklahoma's Anthony Hill.

   Joaquin Zamora is a skilled warrior who delights his New Mexico fans, and picks up fans every time he shows his heart in the ring in those nationally televised fights.

   He has had a nearly decade-and-a-half long pro boxing career with an outstanding 22-4-1, 12 ko record. This humble veteran of the United States Navy will always be remembered as one of New Mexico's top pro boxers.

   The fighting days may not be over just yet.  Joaquin tells me that he may have a few more fights left in him, but either way, he will stay involved in the sport of professional boxing!

Check out his complete professional career on boxrec: Joaquin Zamora's complete pro ledger on

If you would like to see Joaquin Zamora in ring action, I have the following bouts of his available on DVD:

1. JAMES CRAYTON             [w-10] {USNBC Welter Title} (Missing Rds. 8 & 9)
2. JOSE JUAN BERMEJO      [w-10]
3. RAY SANCHEZ III             [tko-3]
4. JOSE GONZALEZ              [w-10]
5. ELCO GARCIA #2              [L-8]

Amateur Bouts
1. Jeramiah Torrez
2. Jose Gualdalupe Gallardo
3. Rafael Rodriguez
4. Michael Urioste

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