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Nickname: "The Pink Cat"

   Arizona's Scott "The Pink Cat" Walker was a long and lean, stylish boxer.  After a successful Amateur boxing career, he opened his pro career on Aug. 8, 1989 with a decision loss to Ray Collins in Phoenix, Arizona.  He took a 17-3-1, 11 ko record into his fight against comebacking - 3 time World Champion Alexis Arguello.  Walker won a close unanimous decision in what was Arguello's last pro bout.  In his next bout Walker won the Arizona State Jr. Welterweight Title with a 2nd round knockout of Jacinto Martinez.  He then went after the WBC Continental Americas Jr. Welterweight Title and scored a very close but unanimous decision victory over former Mexican National Champion - Paco Cuesta.

   2 fights later Scott was stopped in the 2nd round against legendary World Champion Julio Cesar Chavez at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV.  He fought his last pro bout on Jan. 28, 2001, losing a 6 round decision to Martin Ramirez at the Greyhound Race Park in Phoenix, Arizona.  Scott Walker ended his pro boxing career with a final record of:  25-7-1, 13 ko's.

If you would like to see Scott Walker's pro bouts, I have the following available on DVD:

1. TOM JACKSON                                                  [ko-1]
2. STEVE VALDEZ #1                                             [w-8]
3. FRANK CORDOVA                                            [w-6]
4. ALEXIS ARGUELLO                                           [w-10]
5. FRANCISCO "Paco" CUESTA                            [w-12] {WBC Cont-Am Jr. Welter Title}
6. JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ SR.                              [tko-by-2]
7. STEVE VALDEZ #2                                             [w-8]
1. Eric Garcia -v591

Scott Walker's Complete Pro Record
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Nicknames: "Untouchable", "The Warrior"
 Anthony Stephens opened his career Sept. 27, 1986 with a victory over Terry Parnham at the Bluebonnet Convention Center in Victoria, TX.  He then ran his record to 10-0-1, 4 ko's before tasting his first defeat at the hands of undefeated Oscar Ponce at Bally's in Las Vegas, NV nearly 3 years later.  May 27, 1993 he won the IBC Jr. Middleweight title by decision over Lee Fortune.  That win put him in line for a shot at Felix Trinidad for the IBF Welterweight title.  Anthony was stopped in round 10 of a good fight.  Stephens won the USBA Welterweight Championship by decision against Harold Brazier.   He became a fan favorite and headlined a few espn fight cards.  He tried twice to win the IBF Jr. Middleweight World Championship losing to Raul Marquez, and Yori Boy Campas in those efforts.  His last pro bout was Oct. 24, 2006 where he ended his pro career with a 3rd round knockout over Glen Brown at the Petroleum Club in Shreveport, LA.  Anthony Stephens final career tally was 33-19-2, 18 ko's.  I have the following of Anthony's bouts available to boxing fans on DVD:

1. TONY MARTIN                                [Draw-10]
2. LIVINGSTONE BRAMBLE              [L-10]
3. HAROLD BRAZIER  #1                    [L-10]
4. FELIX TRINIDAD                             [ko-by-10] {IBF Welter Title}
5. HAROLD BRAZIER                          [w-12] {USBA Welter Title}
6. JAMES HUGHES                              [ko-by-12] {USBA Welter Title}
7. KEVIN POMPEY                              [tko-9]
8. DARRELL WOODS                          [w-10]
9. TOCKER PUDWILL                         [tko-8] {WAA Jr. Middle Title}
10. AARON "Superman" DAVIS            [w-10]
11. RAUL MARQUEZ                           [tko-by-9] {IBF Jr. Middle Title}
12. YORI BOY CAMPAS                     [tko-by-3] {IBF Jr. Middle Title}
13. FERNANDO VARGAS                   [tko-by-5]

Anthony Stephens Pro Ledger

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New Mexico boxer Steve Barreras started his pro career on August 22, 1988 winning a Unanimous decision over Eddie Hernandez.  He fought his first 5 fights on the road in California before returning to his home town of Albuquerque, NM and taking a 4 round decision victory over fellow New Mexican Danny Almanzar.  His toughness made him a favorite opponent to test potential stars on their way up.  His record includes bouts against some great names including:  David Sample, Robert Wangila, Skipper Kelp,  and World Champions Ike Quartey, and Yori Boy Campas.  Barreras never fought for a title and had his last bout on Aug. 3, 1994 ending on a winning note against Anthony Ayon.  He ended with a record of 10-11, 3 ko's.  I have the following Steve Barreras bouts available on DVD:

1. DANNY ALMANZAR                                 [w-4]
2. ROBERT WANGILA                                   [tko-by-6]
3. SKIPPER KELP                                            [tko-by-6]
4. BENJI MARQUEZ (Rds. 1,2,3,5,7 & 10)     [L-10]
5. IKE QUARTEY                                            [tko-by-3]
6. JIMMY HILLHOUSE                                   [w-6]
7. PAT BRICENO                                            [L-8]
8. ANTHONY AYON                                     [w-8] (Steve Barreras' LAST Pro Bout)

Steve Barreras Pro Career

1. Freddie Jaramillo
2. George Gamez
3. Steve Maestas
4. Blay Bossell
5. Mario Gonzales
6. Vern Holden

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Nickname: Pit Bull

After going 89-12 as an amateur, Daniel Perez of Albuquerque, New Mexico turned professional on Feb. 17, 1989 and scored a tko in round 1 over Javier Hurtado.  He ran off a string of impressive victories leading to an NABF Super middleweight title shot, losing by decision to Champion Warren Williams in Cancun, Mexico.  He then ran off a string of 4 big wins, including an impressive decision over undefeated Gerry Payne.  He got his World Title shot against Nigel Benn, and even though it was on very short notice, he took the challenge and faced the Champion in Wembley Stadium.  After rocking the champion early in the fight, Benn eventually stopped Perez in round 7.  Daniel fought once more, scoring a clear unanimous decision over Robert Britt.  This was Daniel's last professional bout.  Daniel Perez ended his pro career with a record of 19-4, 5 ko's.  If you would like to see him in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. JAVIER HURTADO                                                 [tko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. VICTOR EGOROV                                                  [L-6]
3. CHRIS SANDE                                                         [w-6]
4. BARRY BASLER                                                      [w-6]
5. QUIRINO "Kenny" GARCIA                                     [tko-1]
6. EARL BUTLER                                                         [w-10]
7. RANDY SMITH                                                        [w-10]
8. CHUCK PERALTA                                                   [ko-1]
9. CECIL MCKENZIE                                                   [w-10]
10. WARREN WILLIAMS (Rds. 1-10 of 12 Only)        [L-12] {NABF Super Middle Title}
11. JOSE CATANEO #2                                                [w-10]
12. GERRY PAYNE                                                       [w-10]
13. JORGE CHAVEZ                                                     [ko-5]
14. TONY BROOKS                                                     [w-10]
15. NIGEL BENN                                                          [ko-by-7] {WBC Super Middle Title}
16. ROBERT BRITT                                                      [w-8] (*Daniel Perez's LAST Pro Bout)

Daniel Perez pro record

1. Unknown Opponent
2. Unknown Opponent
3. Jerry Brown
4. Derrick Rolon
5. Robert Tanuz                          {1987 NM GG 147 Lb. Final}

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Nickname: The San Fernando Hammer

Alex Garcia turned pro on Feb. 6, 1987 with a 1st round knockout of Cliff Melbourne at The Country Club in Reseda, CA.  He won his first title with a 12 round unanimous decision over Jerry Jones for both the NABF and WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Titles in Dec. of 1992.  Garcia suffered his 2nd loss in a shocking upset at the hands of Mike Dixon in Las Vegas, NV in June of 1993.  He later avenged that loss with a convincing 10 round decision victory over Dixon in the rematch.  In 1995 Alex lost his bid for the USBA Heavyweight title, with a unanimous decision loss to defending champion Buster Mathis Jr.  Alex's last pro bout was a tko-3 loss to Wallace McDaniel in Memphis Tennessee.  Garcia finished with a pro record of 40-6-1, 29 ko's.
Alex Garcia's Pro Record

I have the following Alex Garcia boxing matches available on DVD:

1. CLIFF MELBOURNE                        [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. WILLIAM CAMPUDONI                  [ko-1]
3. BILL DUNCAN                                 [tko-1]
4. BERNARD BENTON                        [tko-2]
5. LADISLAO MIJANGOS                   [tko-3]
6. ROCKY SEKORSKI                        [ko-1]
7. JERRY GOFF                                    [tko-2]
8. MIKE EVANS                                  [w-10]
9. ARTHUR WEATHERS                    [ko-2]
10. MIKE WHITE                                [tko-2]
11. MATTHEW BROOKS                  [tko-2]
12. OSSIE OCASIO                            [tko-8]
13. JERRY JONES                               [w-12] {Vacant NABF Heavy Title}
14. MIKE WILLIAMS                          [tko-5] {NABF Heavy Title}
15. ERIC CURRY                                 [tko-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
16. MIKE DIXON #1                           [tko-by-2] {Vacant WBC Cont-Am Title}
17. JAMES WARRING                        [Draw-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
18. GARING LANE                             [tko-by-2]
19. EVERTON DAVIS                        [w-10]
20. JOE HIPP                                      [L-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
21. MIKE DIXON #2                          [w-10]
22. EDDIE DONALDSON                  [w-10]
23. GEORGE STEPHENS                   [tko-3]
24. BUSTER MATHIS JR.                   [L-12] {USBA Heavy Title}


1. Teofilo Stevenson
2. Wesley Watson
3. Viacheslov Yakolev

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Kenny Gould was an outstanding amateur boxer who won the Bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic games.  He opened his professional carrer on Dec. 3, 1988 with a 2nd round technical knockout over 20 fight veteran Harlen Holden.  He ran his record to 16-0, 8 ko's before losing his first fight against Anthony Bryant.  He avenged that loss with a unanimous decision victory in his next fight.  He was victorious in his only World title attempt stopping Derrick McGuire in round 10 to win the vacant IBO Welterweight title.  Kenny's last pro bout was a win against David Gonzalez (35-2-1) taking a unanimous 10 round decision.  A shoulder injury finally put a halt to the career of this talented boxer.  I have the following Kenny Gould bouts available on DVD:

1. TORRENCE MARTIN                  [w-6]
2. JORGE MAYSONET                    [w-10]
3. GARY SMITH                               [w-8] (*Final Round Only)
4. VERNO PHILLIPS                        [w-6]
5. JORGE "Yaqui" HERNANDEZ      [tko-6]
6. ROGER TURNER                          [L-10]
7. DAVID GONZALEZ                     [w-10] (*Kenny Gould's LAST Pro Bout)


1. Michael Demoss
2. Candelario Duvergel
3. Juan Lemus
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Panchito Bojado stepped onto the pro boxing scene with a bang!  He made his pro debut on Jan. 13, 2001 with a 2nd round destruction of Detrick Castor.  He ran his record to 8-0, 8 ko's before losing his first fight against world ranked Juan Carlos Rubio in a close 10 round decision.  He would avenge that loss with a lopsided 12 round decision win over Rubio for the vacant WBC Contiental Americas Light Welterweight Title.  On July 24, 2004  He faced former IBA Lightweight World Champion Jesse James Leija in Atlantic City, NJ.  Bojado dropped Leija in round 2, but went on to lose a very close 10 round decision.  Bojado's fan friendly aggressive style made him an instant television favorite.  He fought his last pro bout on Oct. 6, 2007 against former IBF Jr. Lightweight World Champion Steve Forbes.  Bojado ended his pro career with a record of 18-3, 12 ko's.  I have the following Panchito Bojado bouts available on DVD:

1. DETRICK CASTOR                     [tko-2] (Pro Debut)
2. ALEJANDRO RIVERA                 [tko-1]
3. ERNESTO FUENTES                   [tko-1]
4. GLENN FORDE                           [ko-2]
5. ELEAZAR CONTRERAS JR.       [ko-2] {WBC Youth Jr. Welter Title}
6. MAURO LUCERO                       [ko-1]
7. JUAN CARLOS RUBIO #1          [L-10]
8. FRANKIE SANCHEZ                  [w-8] (*1 Minute HL Clip ONLY)
9. WILLIAM ADAMYAN                [ko-6]
10. LEMEUL NELSON                    [w-10]
11. ANDRE EASON                        [w-10]
12. JESSE JAMES LEIJA                 [L-10]
13. DAIRO ESALAS                        [w-10]

Francisco "Panchito" Bojado's pro career record

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