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Nickname: "The Fighting Marine"

   Obed Sullivan turned pro on August 27 1992 in San Diego California with a first round knockout of Mike Davis.  After a 4 round decision win in his 2nd pro bout, he lost to 290 Lb. Jonathon Grant in his 3rd pro bout.  He then went 3 years, and 29 fights without a loss.  In November of 1997 he would take a record of 28-1-1, 19 ko's into a showdown bout against undefeated Hasim "The Rock" Rahman (23-0, 20 ko) for the USBA Heavyweight Title.  Rahman won the battle by a Majority decision.  2 fights later, Sullivan got a shot at the IBC heavyweight title against another undefeated fighter - Michael Grant (27-0).  Sullivan was stopped in the 9th round by Grant.  Sullivan's biggest challenge came on Dec. 11, 1999 in Hamburg, Germany where he faced undefeated World Champion Vitali Klitschko (26-0, 26 knockouts) for the WBO World Heavyweight Title.  Klitschko stopped him in 9 rounds to retain his world title and unbeaten record.  November of 2000, Obed came so close to winning his first title, but had to settle for a majority draw against Larry Donald (38-1-1, 23 ko) for the NABO Heavyweight Title belt.  It was May of 2000 when Obed Sullivan won a title belt, winning a close split decision over Sherman Williams (18-5-1) for the Vacant NABF Heavyweight Title.  Obed defended the title belt in his next fight against another unbeaten Fres Oquendo (20-0, 11 ko), losing by tko in round 11.  He scored two more wins by knockout before losing in his final professional bout on Jan. 20 of 2007 dropping a 4 round split decision to James Porter.

   Obed finished his pro boxing career with a record of 41 wins, 9 losses, 2 draws with 30 knockouts.

Obed Sullivan's complete Pro Record

If you would like to see Obed Sullivan's fights, I have the following DVD's available:

1. BUSTER MATHIS JR.                             [N/C-5] {IBF Inter-Continental Heavy Title}
2. MARTIN FOSTER #2                             [ko-3]
3. SAM HAMPTON                                    [w-12] {IBF Inter-Continental Heavy Title}
4. LEVI BILLUPS #2                                   [tko-12] {IBF Inter-Continental Heavy Title}
5. CARLOS MONROE                               [w-10]
6. HASIM RAHMAN                                  [L-12] {USBA/IBF Inter-Continental Heavy Titles}
7. KEITH MCKNIGHT                               [tko-7]
8. MICHAEL GRANT                                 [tko-by-9] {IBC Heavy Title}
9. JESSE FERGUSON                                [L-10]
10. VITALY KLITSCHKO                         [tko-by-9] {WBO Heavy Title}
11. DAVID TUA                                         [ko-by-1] {USBA/IBF Inter-Continental Heavy Titles}
12. AUGUSTINE CORPUS                       [tko-4]
13. SHERMAN WILLIAMS                       [w-12] {Vacant NABF Heavy Title}
14. FRES OQUENDO                                [tko-by-11] {NABF Heavy Title}

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Javier Diaz started out as a professional Flyweight in 1981 and fought as a professional until 1999.  He turned pro on April 1, 1981 (No fooling!) with a 4th round tko of Hector Benavides in Mexico.  "Suzuki" won his first 16 in a row before losing by 5th round tko to Mario Gonzalez (10-1-1, 9 KO) in Harlingen, TX. on Aug. 17, 1982.  He continued to battle on with streaks of wins and losses, winning several different Mexican State Titles along the way.  He was a journeyman who fought several world champions, and world ranked contenders including:  Gaby Canizales, Orlando Canizales, Cesar Soto, and Paul Gonzales before fighting for and winning the Mexican National Flyweight Title with a 12 round decision over Willy Salazar in June of 1989.  He lost that title in his first defense but fought on and challenged for several minor title belts.  He soon became an opponent for world class champions, losing to: Marco Antonio Barrera, Paulie Ayala, Sergio Reyes, Tim Austin, Clarence "Bones" Adams and Joel Casamayor to name a few.  Just as he started his career with a long winning streak, he ended with 10 losses in a row.  July 2nd 1999 was his last appearance in the ring as he was knocked out by undefeated Juan Jose Arias (27-0, 22 KO) in the 5th round of a Jr. Lightweight bout in Fresno, CA.  Diaz was short on stature (standing about 5 feet tall), but had plenty of heart with 99 professional bouts!  He finished his carrer with a record of 45 wins, 49 losses, 4 draws, and 11 knockouts.

Javier "Suzuki" Diaz complete Pro Ledger

If you would like to see Javier Diaz in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. YSAIAS ZAMUDIO                                          [L-12] {Vacant NABF Fly Title}
2. MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA                       [L-DQ-by-7]
3. CLARENCE "Bones" ADAMS                           [L-12] {WBC Continental Americas Bantam Title}
4. ALEX TRUJILLO                                              [ko-by-1]
5. FRANKIE ARCHULETA                                  [L-10]

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Lawrence Clay Bey was a celebrated amateur, and member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team.  He lost a hotly contested bout in the opening round of the Olympic Games to eventual Gold Medalist and future World Champion Wladimir Klitschko, stunning the Ukranian giant with a standing 8-count, but losing a disputed decision by a 10-8 score.  He finished his amateur boxing career with a record of 60-9.

He turned pro on July 5, 1997 with a first round knockout over Billy McDonald in Moline, IL.  Over the next 3 years, he ran his record to 12-0, 9 KO's, and on Nov. 11, 2000 stepped into the ring for a battle of undefeated prospects against Clifford Etienne (18-0, 13 KO) on the undercard of Lennox Lewis vs David Tua in Las Vegas, NV.  Bey took his first loss by a 10 round decision.  He ran off a streak of 6 wins with 4 ko's including a 10 round decision victory over 19-2 Charles Shufford.  Lawrence got his first shot at a title on June 6, 2003 when he faced Cuban star Elieser Castillo for the interim NABF Heavyweight Title belt.  Clay Bey suffered his 2nd defeat being stopped in the 7th round of a bout that was close up to that point.  2 fights later Lawrence picked up the vacant IBA Continental Heavyweight Title with an impressive 5th round tko over Imamu Mayfield.  On Feb. 12, 2005 Clay Bey went to Berlin, Germany to face Sinan Samil Sam (22-2, 15 KO) for the WBC International heavyweight title.  Sam won a close but unanimous decision over Clay Bey.  About 6 months later, Lawrence Clay Bey fought his last pro bout against Derek Bryant (18-4, 15 KO) ending up in a majority draw, winning 96-94 on 1 scorecard, and going 95-95 on the two other judges cards.  Lawrence ended his professional boxing career with a record of 21 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw with 16 wins by knockout.

Click here for Lawrence Clay Bey's complete Pro ledger

If you would like to see Lawrence Clay Bey's fights on DVD I have the following bouts available:

1. DAN CONWAY                         [tko-3]
2. LOUIS MONACO                      [w-8]
3. MIKE WILLIAMS                      [tko-6]
4. KEN MURPHY                           [tko-5]
5. GARY WINMON                       [tko-6]
6. SEDRECK FIELDS                     [ko-2]
7. CHARLES SHUFFORD              [w-10]
8. ELIESER CASTILLO                  [ko-by-9] {Interim NABF Heavy Title}
9. IMAMU MAYFIELD                  [tko-5] {Vacant IBA Continental Heavy Title}
10. SINAN SAMIL SAM                [L-12] {WBC International Heavy Title}
11. DEREK BRYANT -                   [Draw-10] (Lawrence Clay Bey's LAST Pro Bout)
1. Thomas Martin                                        ('95USOLYFST)
2. Joseph Mesi #1                                       (1996 Olympic Trials)
3. Joseph Mesi #2                                       (96OlymBoxoffs)
4. Wladimir Klitschko (Rds 2 & 3 Only)      (1996 Olympics)

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Romalis Ellis was an outstanding amateur, winning the Bronze medal in the 139 Lb. division at the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul Korea.  The former U.S. Amateur champion turned professional on Feb. 18, 1989 with a 1st round knockout of Albert Clowney.  The Atlanta native ran his pro record to 17-0, 14 ko's before he suffered his first loss in a close 6 round unanimous decision to 19-6 Darryl Lattimore in New York City.
He then went on a 6 win streak that included victories over Pedro Sanchez (31-2-2), and Vince Phillips (35-2).  This propelled him into a shot at the IBF Jr. Middleweight World Title against undefeated champion Raul Marquez (26-0, 19 ko's).  Ellis was stopped in the 4th round of his only world title bid.  His next fight was for the NABF Welterweight title against Derrell Coley on Oct. 30, 1997.  Ellis lost by decision over 12 rounds.  His next fight was against Fernando Vargas where Ellis would be stopped in the 2nd round by the world class power punching Vargas.  Romallis' last pro bout was held years later on Nov. 3, 2001 where he fought to a draw against Vincent Harris over 6 rounds.  He finished his professional boxing career with an impressive record of 24-4-1, 17 KO.

If you would like to see Romalis Ellis in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. ABRAHAM MARTINEZ               [ko-5]
2. PEDRO SANCHEZ                       [tko-10]
3. VINCE PHILLIPS                         [w-10]
4, RAUL MARQUEZ                        [tko-by-4] {IBF Jr. Middle Title}
5. FERNANDO VARGAS                [tko-by-2]

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Denver Colorado's Frank Pena was a celebrated amateur, winning the 1989 U.S. Nationals in the Featherweight division.  His Dec. 20, 1990 professional debut was televised on espn, and he impressed boxing fans with a 4th round knockout over Mexico's Sergio Medina.  Frank went undefeated in his first 16 pro bouts. I had the honor of working the corner opposite of Pena when he faced Albuquerque's Chino Sanchez on Oct. 26 of 1991.  Pena dispatched of Sanchez with an impressive 2nd round technical knockout.  Pena suffered his first loss when he was upset on April 3rd, 1993 getting penalized 3 points for low blows, and dropping a 10 round decision to Mark Smith at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  Frank won his return match 2 months later with a 2nd round knockout of 9-2 Carlos Ortiz.  He lost the matchup of young prospects, dropping a 10 round Majority decision to Freddie "Pit Bull" Liberatore on Oct. 13, 1993, in Boston MA.  Frank's last pro bout was a 10 round decision loss to Juan Cervantes, that bout taking place Oct. of 1996 in San Francisco, CA.  Pena finished his career with a pro record of 15-3-2, 8 knockouts.  The "Can't miss prospect" never got a title shot.  In March of 2000, Frank's life ended too soon at the age of 28.  He was a boxing fan's joy to watch with his power punching and skillful boxing style.

Frank Pena's pro Career

If you would like to see Frank Pena in boxing action on DVD, I have the following bouts available:

1. SERGIO MEDINA                     [ko-4] (Pro Debut)
2. MANUEL NERIS                       [ko-1]
3. GERARDO MERCADO            [w-6]
4. RICHRD SALAZAR                  [w-4]
5. SAL LOPEZ                               [w-6]
6. PARIS ALEXANDER                [Draw-6]
7. BERNARD PRICE                     [w-4]
8. CHINO SANCHEZ                    [tko-2]
9. NETO BRAVO                          [w-4]
10. ROWDY WELCH                    [tko-1]
11. SAMMY MILLER                    [w-6]
12. BEN LOPEZ                             [draw-6]
13. MARK "Stinger" SMITH           [L-10]
14. CARLOS ORTIZ                      [ko-2]
15. FREDDIE LIBERATORE         [L-10]


1. Julian Ramirez #1
2. Julian Ramirez #2
3. Ivan Robinson

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Nickname: "The Magician"

Dennis Milton was a celebrated amateur, winning the New York Golden Gloves 4 years straight.  He turned pro on July 11, 1985 with a 4th round tko over Greg Jones at the Felt Forum in New York.  He stepped into the spotlight when he took his 11-2-1 record into a fight against undefeated hot prospect Gerald Mcclellan and pulled the 6 round decision upset.  From that point on, Milton would only face world class opposition.  It was a hot streak as he scored 4 wins against Mcclellan, Robbie Sims, Michael Olajide, and Jose Duran Martinez in a row.  He finally got his shot at the WBC World Title, on Sept. 14 1991, but was stopped in 1 round by the power punching champion Julian "The Hawk" Jackson.  He returned to the ring on Jan. 31, 1992 but was stopped in 4 rounds by the future legend Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins.  Dennis fought his last pro bout nearly 3 years later as he was stopped by Aaron "Superman" Davis in 3 rounds at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.  Milton was a slick boxer who brought a lot of excitement to the boxing scene in the late 1980s.  He finished his career with a record of 16-5-1, 5 KO's.

Dennis Milton's Pro Record

If you would like to see Dennis Milton in action on DVD, I have the following bouts available:

1. PEDRO RIVERA #2 - (Rds. 7 & 8 of 8 only)            [w-8]
2. ROBBIE SIMS                                                          [w-10]
3. JOSE ANTONIO DURAN MARTINEZ                  [w-10]
4. JULIAN JACKSON                                                 [ko-by-1] {WBC Middle Title}
5. BERNARD HOPKINS                                             [tko-by-4]


1. Frank Tate
2. Hilite from 1982 Dual bout vs. Ireland

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Louie Burke started his pro boxing career on May 29, 1981 with a 3rd round KO over Gilbert Garza, on the undercard of the Randall "Tex" Cobb/Harry Terrell bout held at the HemisFair arena in San Antonio Texas.  He built up a record of 13-0, 11 KO's before taking on the very experienced and popular Freddie Roach (30-3) in a 12 round bout for the espn Jr. Lightweight title belt.  That bout took pace at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 14, 1983.  Burke won in a bruising battle via unanimous decision.

   These two would meet again just 7 months later, again in Las Vegas Nevada, but this time it was at Caesars Palace, on the undercard of the Marvin Hagler vs Roberto Duran bout.  Burke again won a bruising unanimous decision, this time in 10 rounds. 
    It was Sunday, July 22 1984, at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces New Mexico where Burke put his 18-0, 11 KO record on the line in a battle of undefeated up-and-comers, as he faced Charlie "White Lightning" Brown who brought a record of 22-0, 17 KO.  Burke suffered his first loss as a professional by a Majority Decision in another war by scores of 95-95, 97-93, and 96-95.

   Louie came back about 7 weeks later with a 7th round knockout over Reggie Watson (13-5-1, 7 KO) in Houston Texas.

   This put him in line to face WBC Jr. Lightweight World Champion - Hector "Macho" Camacho in a non-title bout televised on CBS.  Burke was stopped at the end of the 5th round.

   Burke fought his last professional bout in his home town of Las Cruces NM on May 5, 1985 losing a bid for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Jr. Lightweight Title via 6th round tko to Mexico's Rosendo Alonso.

   Louie Burke ended his pro career with an impressive record of 19-3, 12 by Knockout.  He never fought for a World Title, but was a beloved hero to his home state of New Mexico.  His all-heart, aggressive and fearless style made him a favorite among boxing fans who had the good fortune of seeing him in action.  He is now one of the top trainers in professional boxing, and is the chief trainer of former WBA 154 Lb. Champion - Austin "No Doubt" Trout among others.

Louie Burke's complete Pro Record

If you would like to see Louie Burke in action, I have the following Louie Burke bouts available on DVD:

1. JOHN BALTIERRA                                       [tko-2]
2. FREDDIE ROACH #1                                   [w-12] {espn Jr. Lightweight Title}
3. CHARLIE "White Lightning" BROWN            [L-10]
4. HECTOR "Macho" CAMACHO                    [tko-by-5]

also: Documentary on Louie Burke "Orale Louie" (28 Minutes)

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