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Nicknames: "Untouchable", "The Warrior"
 Anthony Stephens opened his career Sept. 27, 1986 with a victory over Terry Parnham at the Bluebonnet Convention Center in Victoria, TX.  He then ran his record to 10-0-1, 4 ko's before tasting his first defeat at the hands of undefeated Oscar Ponce at Bally's in Las Vegas, NV nearly 3 years later. 

   May 27, 1993 he won the IBC Jr. Middleweight title by decision over Lee Fortune.  That win put him in line for a shot at Felix Trinidad for the IBF Welterweight title.  Anthony was stopped in round 10 of a good fight.  Stephens won the USBA Welterweight Championship by decision against Harold Brazier.   He became a fan favorite and headlined a few espn fight cards.  He tried twice to win the IBF Jr. Middleweight World Championship losing to Raul Marquez, and Yori Boy Campas in those efforts. 

   His last pro bout was Oct. 24, 2006 where he ended his pro career with a 3rd round knockout over Glen Brown at the Petroleum Club in Shreveport, LA.  Anthony Stephens final career tally was 33-19-2, 18 ko's.  I have the following of Anthony's bouts available to boxing fans on DVD:

1. TONY MARTIN                                [Draw-10]
2. LIVINGSTONE BRAMBLE              [L-10]
3. HAROLD BRAZIER  #1                    [L-10]
4. FELIX TRINIDAD                             [ko-by-10] {IBF Welter Title}
5. HAROLD BRAZIER  #2                     [w-12] {USBA Welter Title}
6. JAMES HUGHES                              [ko-by-12] {USBA Welter Title}
7. KEVIN POMPEY                              [tko-9]
8. DARRELL WOODS                          [w-10]
9. TOCKER PUDWILL                         [tko-8] {WAA Jr. Middle Title}
10. AARON "Superman" DAVIS            [w-10]
11. RAUL MARQUEZ                           [tko-by-9] {IBF Jr. Middle Title}
12. YORI BOY CAMPAS                     [tko-by-3] {IBF Jr. Middle Title}
13. FERNANDO VARGAS                   [tko-by-5]

Anthony Stephens Pro Ledger

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New Mexico boxer Steve Barreras started his pro career on August 22, 1988 winning a Unanimous decision over Eddie Hernandez.  He fought his first 5 fights on the road in California before returning to his home town of Albuquerque, NM and taking a 4 round decision victory over fellow New Mexican Danny Almanzar.  His toughness made him a favorite opponent to test potential stars on their way up.  His record includes bouts against some great names including:  David Sample, Robert Wangila, Skipper Kelp,  and World Champions Ike Quartey, and Yori Boy Campas.  Barreras never fought for a title and had his last bout on Aug. 3, 1994 ending on a winning note against Anthony Ayon.  He ended with a record of 10-11, 3 ko's.  I have the following Steve Barreras bouts available on DVD:

1. DANNY ALMANZAR                                 [w-4]
2. ROBERT WANGILA                                   [tko-by-6]
3. SKIPPER KELP                                            [tko-by-6]
4. BENJI MARQUEZ (Rds. 1,2,3,5,7 & 10)     [L-10]
5. IKE QUARTEY                                            [tko-by-3]
6. JIMMY HILLHOUSE                                   [w-6]
7. PAT BRICENO                                            [L-8]
8. ANTHONY AYON                                     [w-8] (Steve Barreras' LAST Pro Bout)

Steve Barreras Pro Career

1. Freddie Jaramillo
2. George Gamez
3. Steve Maestas
4. Blay Bossell
5. Mario Gonzales
6. Vern Holden

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Nickname: Pit Bull

After going 89-12 as an amateur, Daniel Perez of Albuquerque, New Mexico turned professional on Feb. 17, 1989 and scored a tko in round 1 over Javier Hurtado.  He ran off a string of impressive victories leading to an NABF Super middleweight title shot, losing by decision to Champion Warren Williams in Cancun, Mexico.  He then ran off a string of 4 big wins, including an impressive decision over undefeated Gerry Payne. 

   He got his World Title shot against Nigel Benn, and even though it was on very short notice, he took the challenge and faced the Champion in Wembley Stadium.  After rocking the champion early in the fight, Benn eventually stopped Perez in round 7. 

   Daniel fought once more, scoring a clear unanimous decision over Robert Britt.  This was Daniel's last professional bout.  Daniel Perez ended his pro career with a record of 19-4, 5 ko's.  If you would like to see him in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. JAVIER HURTADO                                                 [tko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. VICTOR EGOROV                                                  [L-6]
3. CHRIS SANDE                                                         [w-6]
4. BARRY BASLER                                                      [w-6]
5. QUIRINO "Kenny" GARCIA                                     [tko-1]
6. EARL BUTLER                                                         [w-10]
7. RANDY SMITH                                                        [w-10]
8. CHUCK PERALTA                                                   [ko-1]
9. CECIL MCKENZIE                                                   [w-10]
10. WARREN WILLIAMS (Rds. 1-10 of 12 Only)        [L-12] {NABF Super Middle Title}
11. JOSE CATANEO #2                                                [w-10]
12. GERRY PAYNE                                                       [w-10]
13. JORGE CHAVEZ                                                     [ko-5]
14. TONY BROOKS                                                     [w-10]
15. NIGEL BENN                                                          [ko-by-7] {WBC Super Middle Title}
16. ROBERT BRITT                                                      [w-8] (*Daniel Perez's LAST Pro Bout)

Daniel Perez pro record

1. Unknown Opponent
2. Unknown Opponent
3. Jerry Brown
4. Derrick Rolon
5. Robert Tanuz                          {1987 NM GG 147 Lb. Final}

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Nickname: The San Fernando Hammer

Alex Garcia turned pro on Feb. 6, 1987 with a 1st round knockout of Cliff Melbourne at The Country Club in Reseda, CA.  He won his first title with a 12 round unanimous decision over Jerry Jones for both the NABF and WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Titles in Dec. of 1992.  Garcia suffered his 2nd loss in a shocking upset at the hands of Mike Dixon in Las Vegas, NV in June of 1993.  He later avenged that loss with a convincing 10 round decision victory over Dixon in the rematch.  In 1995 Alex lost his bid for the USBA Heavyweight title, with a unanimous decision loss to defending champion Buster Mathis Jr.  Alex's last pro bout was a tko-3 loss to Wallace McDaniel in Memphis Tennessee.  Garcia finished with a pro record of 40-6-1, 29 ko's.
Alex Garcia's Pro Record

I have the following Alex Garcia boxing matches available on DVD:

1. CLIFF MELBOURNE                        [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. WILLIAM CAMPUDONI                  [ko-1]
3. BILL DUNCAN                                 [tko-1]
4. BERNARD BENTON                        [tko-2]
5. LADISLAO MIJANGOS                   [tko-3]
6. ROCKY SEKORSKI                        [ko-1]
7. JERRY GOFF                                    [tko-2]
8. MIKE EVANS                                  [w-10]
9. ARTHUR WEATHERS                    [ko-2]
10. MIKE WHITE                                [tko-2]
11. MATTHEW BROOKS                  [tko-2]
12. OSSIE OCASIO                            [tko-8]
13. JERRY JONES                               [w-12] {Vacant NABF Heavy Title}
14. MIKE WILLIAMS                          [tko-5] {NABF Heavy Title}
15. ERIC CURRY                                 [tko-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
16. MIKE DIXON #1                           [tko-by-2] {Vacant WBC Cont-Am Title}
17. JAMES WARRING                        [Draw-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
18. GARING LANE                             [tko-by-2]
19. EVERTON DAVIS                        [w-10]
20. JOE HIPP                                      [L-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
21. MIKE DIXON #2                          [w-10]
22. EDDIE DONALDSON                  [w-10]
23. GEORGE STEPHENS                   [tko-3]
24. BUSTER MATHIS JR.                   [L-12] {USBA Heavy Title}


1. Teofilo Stevenson
2. Wesley Watson
3. Viacheslov Yakolev

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Kenny Gould was an outstanding amateur boxer who won the Bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic games.  He opened his professional carrer on Dec. 3, 1988 with a 2nd round technical knockout over 20 fight veteran Harlen Holden.  He ran his record to 16-0, 8 ko's before losing his first fight against Anthony Bryant.  He avenged that loss with a unanimous decision victory in his next fight.  He was victorious in his only World title attempt stopping Derrick McGuire in round 10 to win the vacant IBO Welterweight title.  Kenny's last pro bout was a win against David Gonzalez (35-2-1) taking a unanimous 10 round decision.  A shoulder injury finally put a halt to the career of this talented boxer.  Gould finished with a winning record of 26 wins, 2 defeats, winning 15 by knockout.   I have the following Kenny Gould bouts available on DVD:

1. TORRENCE MARTIN                  [w-6]
2. JORGE MAYSONET                    [w-10]
3. GARY SMITH                               [w-8] (*Final Round Only)
4. VERNO PHILLIPS                        [w-6]
5. JORGE "Yaqui" HERNANDEZ      [tko-6]
6. ROGER TURNER                          [L-10]
7. DAVID GONZALEZ                     [w-10] (*Kenny Gould's LAST Pro Bout)


1. Michael Demoss
2. Candelario Duvergel
3. Juan Lemus

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   Francisco "Panchito" Bojado stepped onto the pro boxing scene with a bang!  He made his pro debut on Jan. 13, 2001 with a 2nd round destruction of Detrick Castor.  He ran his record to 8-0, 8 ko's before losing his first fight against world ranked Juan Carlos Rubio in a close 10 round decision.

   He would avenge that loss with a lopsided 12 round decision win over Rubio for the vacant WBC Contiental Americas Light Welterweight Title.  On July 24, 2004  He faced former IBA Lightweight World Champion Jesse James Leija in Atlantic City, NJ.  Bojado dropped Leija in round 2, but went on to lose a very close 10 round decision.  Bojado's fan friendly aggressive style made him an instant television favorite.

   He fought his last pro bout on Oct. 6, 2007 against former IBF Jr. Lightweight World Champion Steve Forbes.  Bojado ended his pro career with a record of 18-3, 12 ko's.

I have the following Panchito Bojado bouts available on DVD:

1. DETRICK CASTOR                     [tko-2] (Pro Debut)
2. ALEJANDRO RIVERA                 [tko-1]
3. ERNESTO FUENTES                   [tko-1]
4. GLENN FORDE                           [ko-2]
5. ELEAZAR CONTRERAS JR.       [ko-2] {WBC Youth Jr. Welter Title}
6. MAURO LUCERO                       [ko-1]
7. JUAN CARLOS RUBIO #1          [L-10]
8. FRANKIE SANCHEZ                  [w-8] (*1 Minute HL Clip ONLY)
9. FRANKIE SANTOS                     [tko-10]     
10. WILLIAM ADAMYAN                [ko-6]
11. LEMEUL NELSON                    [w-10]
12. JUAN CARLOS RUBIO #2        [w-12] {Vacant WBC Continental Americas Jr. Welter Title}
13. EMMANUEL CLOTTEY            [w-10]
14. ANDRE EASON                        [w-10]
15. JESSE JAMES LEIJA                 [L-10]
16. DAIRO ESALAS                        [w-10]

Francisco "Panchito" Bojado's pro career record

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Nickname: "El Perrito"

   Bayamon Puerto Rico's Javier Cintron opened his pro career on March 10, 1990 with a 4 round decision win over Ivan Morales. 

   He then lost decisions in his next 2 bouts before running off a 5-0, 4 ko string of wins leading to a matchup in Albuqueruqe against soon to be 2 time World Champion Danny Romero.  In a tough bout, Cintron was brutally stopped in round 3 of that fight. 

   He took a 10-4, 8 ko record into his first title shot when he challenged Will Grigsby for the USBA Flyweight Championship, dropping a close 12 round decision. 

   He lost bids for 2 minor titles before fighting his last pro bout on Sept. 26, 2008 being stopped by Nestor Rocha in the 2nd round. 

   Javier Cintron finished his career with a record of 14-11-2, 10 ko's. 

I have the following Javier Cintron bouts available on DVD:

1. JOSE HERNANDEZ                        [tko-2]
2. DANNY ROMERO                          [ko-by-3]
3. VICTOR RABANALES                   [tko-by-4]
4. LUIS MALAVE                                [tko-4]
5. VIDAL PAZ                                      [w-6]
6. JOSE "Carita" LOPEZ #2                  [tko-by-3] {WBO Latino Fly Title}   
7. CARLOS VALCARCEL #1              [Tech-Draw-2]
8. NESTOR ROCHA                            [tko-by-2] (Cintron's Last Pro Bout)
Javier Cintron's Pro Record             

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Nickname: "El Torito"

   Rugged Tony Ayala Jr. opened his pro career at the Royal Palace Ballroom in San Antonio Texas with a quick 1 round KO over 40 fight veteran Zip Castillo.  He went to 21-0, 18 ko's before personal trouble put an apparent end to his fast soaring career in the ring.  He stopped Carlos Herrera in Nov. of 1982 and it looked like his career was over.  But 17 years later, at age 35, on August 20, 1999 he made his return to the ring with a 3rd round tko win over Manuel Esparza at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio.  He went 5-0 winning all 5 by ko before running into former world champion Yori Boy Campas and being stopped between rounds 8 and 9 for his first pro loss.  He would win 4 straight, 3 by ko and finally got a world title shot against Anthony Bonsante for the vacant IBA Super Middleweight Title.  Ayala was stopped in the 11th round and that was his last pro bout.  He created lots of excitement in the boxing world, and one can only imagine what would have been if he had not lost those 17 years along the way.  If you would like to see him in action, I have the following Tony Ayala bouts available on dvd:

1. MIKE BAKER                                               [w-8]
2. JOSE LUIS BALTAZAR                                [tko-2]
3. MARIO MALDONADO                                [ko-3]
4. PAT HALLACY                                             [ko-4]
5. JERRY CHEATEM                                        [tko-6]
6. NICANOR CAMACHO                                [w-10]
7. JOSE BAQUEDANO                                     [ko-1]   
8. JJ COTTRELL                                                [tko-8](Missing end of fight)
9. STEVE GREGORY                                        [tko-3]
10. CURTIS RAMSEY                                       [w-10] (Missing Decision for Ayala)
11. ROBBIE EPPS                                              [tko-1]
12. CARLOS HERRERA                                    [ko-3] (*1 Min. HL ONLY)   
13. MANUEL ESPARZA                                   [tko-3]
14. TONY MENEFEE                                        [tko-8]
15. GERALD COLEMAN                                  [ko-2]
16. LUIS RAMON "Yori Boy" CAMPAS          [tko-by-8]                   
17. SANTOS CARDONA                                  [w-10]
18. MANUEL LOPEZ                                        [tko-2]
19. URBANO GURROLA                                  [ko-2]
20. ANTHONY BONSANTE              [tko-by-11] {Vacant IBA Super Middle Title} (*Last Pro Bout)
Amateur Bouts:     
1. Lamont Kirkland(A)-341
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Tony Ayala's Career record

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Nickname: "Irish" Sean

Hard punching Cruiserweight Sean McClain started his pro boxing career on July 21, 1988 with a 1st round knockout over Tony Massey.  He quickly ran his record to 9-1, 9 ko's before giving up nearly 20 pounds and facing heavyweight contender Joe Hipp at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The fight was stopped at the end of the 4th round resulting in a tko win for Hipp. 

   Sean fought for and won the vacant IBC Cruiserweight Championship on June 29, 1994 with a 1st round tko over Kevin Wyrick.  McClain was mentioned as a possible opponent for Thomas Hearns a few times, but that bout never materialized.

   He fought his last pro bout on March 10th of 2007, going out with a 2nd round tko win over Vernon Woodward.  Sean finished his pro boxing career with a mark of 23-8-1, 21 ko's. 

Click here to see: "Irish" SEAN MCCLAIN'S ENTIRE PRO LEDGER

If you want to see this cruiserweight wrecking ball in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD...

1. TOM MASSEY                                 [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. DEAN BETHUNE                             [tko-3]
3. TRACY THOMAS                            [L-4]
4. SYLVESTER RAMSEY                    [tko-1]
5. RANDOLPH MARTINEZ                [tko-1]
6. PAUL BRADSHAW                         [tko-2]
7. TIM MORRISON                             [tko-5]
8. JAMES SMITH                                 [tko-1]
9. MATT BELCHER                             [tko-1]
10. RICKY NELSON                           [tko-1]
11. JOE HIPP                                        [tko-by-4]
12. LIONEL BUTLER                          [Tech-Draw-1](*announced as win for Mcclain)
13. STEVE CORTEZ                             [tko-1]
14. SCOTT FUSCI                                [ko-1]
15. GENE MIERA                                 [tko-1]
16. KEVIN WYRICK                           [tko-1] {Vacant IBC Cruiser Title}
17. EFREN OLIVO                               [tko-1]
18. SERGIO AGUIRRE                         [tko-1]
19. JEAN CLAUDE LEUYER               [tko-2]
20. DAVID ROBINSON                       [tko-1]
21. GUY SONNENBERG                     [ko-1]
22. JOHNNY MCCLAIN                     [tko-by-3]
23. MARTIN LOPEZ                            [ko-1]
24. TRENT "ALON" SURRATT #1      [tko-by-5]
25. TRENT "ALON" SURRATT #2      [w-8]

1. Phillip Nicole(A/CO/Raw) -v640 

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Andres fought out of Albuquerque, New Mexico by way of Chihuahua Mexico.  He was ko'd in his pro debut on Nov. 2nd, 1995 at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, CA by Gabriel Tinajero.  He then reeled off a string of victories going 13-0 with 12 by ko's in that stretch also winning the vacant WBB Bantamweight Championship with a 10th round tko of Elias Paulin. 

   Fernandez then suffered back to back title challenge losses, first to Jason Pires for the USBA Jr. Feather title, and then to Aristead Clayton for the NABF Jr. Feather title.  In August of 2000 he took on Clarence "Bones" Adams for the WBA Jr. Featherweight World Title, but was stopped on cuts in round 6.  He fought his last pro bout on June 15 of 2001 and scored a hard fought unanimous decision victory in his rematch with Jorge "Gallito" Reyes for the NABA Jr. Featherweight Title. 

Andres finished his pro career with an outstanding record of: 16-6-1, 13 ko's.  If you would like to see him in action, I have the following bouts available on dvd:

1. RAYMOND GONZALEZ                            [tko-2]
2. MANUEL ROBLES                                      [tko-3]
3. ROBERTO ROMERO                                  [ko-2]
4. EUSBALDO "Baldito" RAMIREZ                 [w-4]
5. JACOB GOMEZ                                           [ko-1]
6. NICK CASTANEDA                                    [tko-4]
7. AUREO DOMINGUEZ                                 [tko-1]
8. ELIAS PAULIN                                             [tko-10] {Vacant WBB Bantam Title}
9. MARTIN GONZALEZ                                  [ko-5]
10. LORENZO ESTRADA                                [tko-2]
11. JORGE ALBERTO "Gallito" REYES #1       [tko-by-4]
12. CARLOS CONTRERAS                             [L-8]
13. CLARENCE "Bones" ADAMS                    [tko-by-6] {WBA Jr. Feather Title}

Amateur Bouts:

1. Jaime Silva        

Information on these bouts


Nickname: "The Eastern Beast"

John Brown fought from Featherweight to Welterweight.  At 5' 4" he had to overcome his height deficit with aggression and heart.  Because of that he became a promoter's dream and a fan favorite.  He opened his pro career with a 3rd round tko of Martin Rivera in June of 1989.  He lost in his first 5 title fights, but finally earned a belt in June of 2000 with a 12 round unanimous decision victory over Robbie Peden for the NABF Jr. Lightweight Title.  He would fight twice more for World Titles, but lost both of those efforts.  John's last pro fight came on Feb. 11, 2011 where he was stopped by Ricardo Williams Jr. in 6 rounds.  John Brown was all heart for sure.  He ended his professional boxing career at 24-19-2, 11 ko's.  Check him out on these DVD bouts:
1. BERNARD PRICE                                          [w-6]
2. PETER NIEVES                                              [w-8] 
3. FREDDIE LIBERATORE                               [w-8]
4. JUAN NEGRON                                            [w-10]
5. LAMAR MURPHY                                        [L-10]
6. RICARDO RIVERA                                       [tko-9]
7. SANTOS "Sal" LOPEZ                                   [tko-7] {Vacant USBA Jr. Lightweight Title}
8.  HAROLD WARREN                                     [L-12] {USBA Jr. Lightweight Title}
9. JESUS CHAVEZ                                            [L-12] {NABF Jr. Lightweight Title}
10. ANGEL MANFREDY                                  [L-12] {WBU Jr. Lightweight Title}
11. GABE RUELAS                                            [tko-8]
12. SHANE MOSLEY                                        [tko-by-8] {IBF Lightweight Title}
13. FRANCISCO CRUZ                                    [w-10]
14. DIEGO "Chico" CORRALES                        [L-12] {IBF Jr. Lightweight Title}
15.  JUAN CARLOS SUAREZ                           [w-10]
16. STEVE FORBES #2                                     [L-12] {IBF Jr. Lightweight Title}
17. MIGUEL COTTO                                         [L-10]
18. ALEJANDRO "Cobrita" GONZALEZ          [L-10]
19. DAMIAN FULLER                                       [Draw-10]
20. LAMONT PETERSON                                [tko-by-8]
21. VERNON PARIS                                         [L-8]
22. LANARD LANE                                          [L-6]

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He was known as "Rockin' Robin Blake".  This tall texas southpaw started off with a 2nd round KO over Erasmo Gonzalez in August of 1981.  He then went on to compile a record of 22-0, 16 ko's before dropping a 10 round decision to Tyrone Crawley.  He won the Texas state Lightweight & Welterweight titles.  He lost in his only World Title bout, by tko in round 14 to Jimmy Paul.  He was stopped in round 9 of his NABF Jr. Welter title fight by Harold Brazier.  He was stopped by Nika Khumalo in his last professional fight in June of 1990.  Robin Blake finished his carrer with a mark of 33-8, 21 ko's.  I have these Robin Blake bouts available on DVD:
1. RUBEN MUNOZ JR.                        [tko-10]
2. TONY BALTAZAR                          [tko-9]
3. HARRY ARROYO                            [L-10]
4. JIMMY PAUL                                   [tko-by-14] {IBF Lightweight Title}
5. MELDRICK TAYLOR                     [L-10]
6. HAROLD BRAZIER                         [tko-by-9]
7. NIKA KHUMALO                           [tko-by-7] (*Robin Blake's LAST Pro Bout)  

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   Fidel "El Negro" Avendano was a favorite on the Los Angeles area boxing scene in the 1980's & 1990's.  He opened his pro career on March 26, 1988 with a decision win over Aaron Herrera, then ran off a string of victories going to 26-0, 17 ko's.

   He was stopped by Omar Flores in the 10th round for the Mexican National Lightweight Title.  in 1991 he defeated  former U.S. Olympian - Kelcie Banks by a unanimous 12 round decision to win the Forum lightweight tournament title.

   He lost bids for the WBO & WBB Lightweight World Titles, and was denied the WBF & California State Titles earning draws in both of those title challenges.  Fidel fought to an 8 round draw against Jamal Harris in his final pro bout on Dec. 18 of 2000.

Click here to see: Fidel Avendano's entire Pro Ledger on

   He finished his pro boxing career with a record of 46-13-3, 28 ko's.  Here are the bouts I have of Fidel Avendano available on dvd:

1. JESUS ROJAS                                                   [tko-4]
2. JAVIER SANCHEZ #2                                      [tko-2]
3. LUIS "Buki" MORA                                           [w-10]
4. BRYANT PADEN                                             [w-10]
5. KELCIE BANKS                                              [w-12] {Forum Lightweight Title}
6. MAXIMINIO ROSARIO LLANO #1               [w-10]
7. DAVID SAMPLE                                              [L-10]
8. DANIEL HERNANDEZ                                   [tko-9]
9. EDUARDO JACQUES                                     [ko-4]
10. ARMANDO CAMPAS                                  [ko-6]
11. DAVID KAMAU                                            [ko-by-2] {WBB Jr. Welter Title}
12. SAMMY FUENTES                               [tko-by-2] {Vacant WBO Jr. Welter Title}
13. LUIS RAMON "Yori Boy" CAMPAS             [tko-by-2]
14. DON GOODWIN                                           [ko-5]
15. FLOYD WEAVER                                          [Draw-12]{WBF Jr. Middle Title}
16. DAVID REID                                                  [L-8]
17. DANIEL SANTOS                                         [L-10]

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Ray "Sucra" Oliveira was a masterful boxer who took on anyone in the division.  His pro career got off to a quick start with a 2nd round KO over Joe Goss in July of 1990.  He then reeled off 13 straight victories before his first loss by decision to Terry Southerland.  He fought for the WBO and IBF Jr. Welter world titles just 4 months apart, losing to Zack Padilla, and Jake Rodgiguez, both by decisions.  In April of 1997, he won the NABF Jr. Welter title with a decision victory over Charles "The Natural" Murray.  In Jan. of 2003 he won the IBU Welter title by stopping Lorenzo Smith in round 6.  He fought his final Pro bout on July 8, 2005, losing by tko in round 8 to Emanuel Agustus.  Ray was a fan favorite for sure, and he finished his pro career with a record of 47-11-2, 22 ko's.  Check out these bouts on DVD:
1. RICKY MEYERS                                            [L-10]
2. SERGEI ARTEMIEV                                     [L-10]           
3. ROBERT HIGHTOWER                               [ko-2]
4. TRACY SPANN                                              [tko-6]
5. ZACK PADILLA                                             [L-12] {WBO Jr. Welter Title}
6. JAKE RODRIGUEZ                                      [L-12] {IBF Jr. Welter Title}
7. CHARLES "The Natural" MURRAY #1     [w-10]
8. CHARLES "The Natural" MURRAY #2     [w-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
9. REGGIE GREEN                                           [L-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
10. VERNON FORREST                                   [L-12]
11. FITZ VANDERPOOL                                  [Draw-10]
12. CIHAT SALMAN                                        [w-10]
13. VIVIAN HARRIS                                        [w-10]
14. ISAAC CRUZ                                               [tko-6]
15. VINCE PHILLIPS                                        [w-12] {Vacant NABF Jr.Welter Title}
16. BEN TACKIE                                               [L-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
17. OMAR WEIS                                               [Draw-10]
18. SAUL DURAN                                             [tko-9]
19. BRYON MACKIE                                       [w-10]
20. RICKY HATTON                                        [ko-by-10] {WBU Jr. Welter Title}
21. EMANUEL AGUSTUS                               [tko-by-8] (*Ray Oliveira's LAST Pro Bout)  

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   Tony Marshall was a New York local favorite whose all action style made him an ESPN favorite too.  He opened his professional career in his home town of Albany, NY on April 11, 1991,  with a 4 round unanimous decision over Don Wallace.

   He went unbeaten in his first 13 pro bouts (11-0-2).  He got his first World Title shot for the WBA Jr. Middleweight championship, dropping a 12 round decision to Julio Cesar Vasquez in Argentina on Nov. 11, 1994.

   In his next fight he made the trip to France and lost to Winky Wright via 12 round decision for the vacant NABF Jr. Middleweight title.  Marshall won the IBC Middleweight World title but never defended that title.

   He won the NABF Jr. Middleweight championship on Sept. 30, 1997 with a dominant unanimous decision over defending champion Steven Martinez.  In 2000 Tony got one more chance at the WBC Jr. Middleweight title, but again had to travel overseas, this time he went to Spain and dropped a hard fought decision to local favorite Javier Castillo.

   Tony finished his career where it all started, on Oct. 28, 2005 in Albany NY with a 7th round tko loss to 17-1 Lenord Pierre.  Tony Marshall's final pro record is 37-13-6, 13 ko's.  These are Tony's bouts that I have available to fight fans on DVD:

1. DONALD WALLACE                    [w-4] (Pro Debut)
2. ASIF DAR                                       [w-6] (Missing Rd. 3)
3. CURTIS PEOPLES                         [Draw-8]
4. JULIO FLORES                              [L-8]
5. PIERO SEVERINI                          [w-10]
6. LONNIE BEASLEY #1                  [L-10]
7. CURTIS SUMMIT                         [w-10]
8. AARON DAVIS #1                        [w-10]
9. ANDREW COUNCIL                    [Draw-10]
10. LONNIE BEASLEY #2                [Draw-10]
11. RONALD MORGAN                   [Tech-W-8]
12. GLENWOOD BROWN               [L-10]
13. ROLAND RANGEL                     [tko-5]
14. AARON DAVIS #2                      [L-12]
15. KEVIN TILLMAN                       [tko-10] {IBC Middle Title}
16. STEVE MARTINEZ                     [w-12] {NABF Jr. Middle Title}
17. ORIN OSBEY                              [tko-8]
18. ANTHONY "Baby" JONES          [tko-11] {NABF Jr.MiddleTitle}
19. DARREN MACIUNSKI              [w-12] {NABF Jr.Middle Title}
20. ALEX BUNEMA                         [L-10]
21. KASSIM OUMA                         [L-10]
22. FERNANDO VARGAS              [tko-by-7]

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Whether you called him "Thunder" or "The Boogie Man" Jesse Ferguson was a heavyweight that took on all comers.  Between his Jan. 12, 1983 Pro Debut and his final Pro bout on Jan. 30, 1999, he really did face just about every big name heavyweight in the division.  Though he never won a world title, he did win the ESPN heavyweight tournament in 1985.  He lost in his only world title bid, being stopped by Riddick Bowe in round 2.  He also came up short in challenges for the USBA and NABF title belts.  He finished his career with a record of 26-18, 16 ko's.  If you would like to see him in action on DVD, I have the following Jesse Ferguson bouts available:

1. JAMES "Buster" DOUGLAS                   [w-10]
2. TONY ANTHONY                                [w-10]
3. CARL "The Truth" WILLIAMS               [tko-by-10]
4. MIKE TYSON                                       [tko-by-6]
5. JAMES "Bonecrusher" SMITH                [L-10]
6. ORLIN NORRIS                                    [L-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
7. OLIVER MCCALL                                [L-10]
8. BRUCE SELDON                                  [tko-by-5]
9. MICHAEL DOKES                               [L-10]
10. TONY TUBBS                                    [L-10]
11. RAY MERCER #1                               [w-10] (*Court TV Version)
12. RIDDICK BOWE                                [ko-by-2] {WBA Heavy Title}
13. ROCKY PEPELI                                 [tko-9]
14. RAY MERCER #2                               [L-10]
15. FRANK BRUNO                                [tko-by-1]
16. LARRY HOLMES                               [L-10]
17. JEREMY WILLIAMS                         [tko-by-7]
18. ALEX STEWART                               [L-10]
19. DANELL NICHOLSON                    [tko-by-8]
20. SAMSON PO'UHA                            [tko-8]
21. HASIM RAHMAN                             [L-12] {USBA Heavy Title}   
22. OBED SULLIVAN                             [w-10]
23. ANDREW GOLOTA                         [L-10] (*Jesse Ferguson's LAST Pro Bout)



Victor Egorov stepped onto the pro boxing scene with the reputation of a "Human wrecking ball".  His celebrated amateur reputation made him a "Can't miss" among those in the game.

   August 20, 1989 saw Egorov score a 2nd round KO of Mike Williams in his pro debut.  He suffered his first and only pro defeat, being stopped on cuts by journeyman Mike Brown at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

   His short career ended on July 1, 1992 with an impressive unanimous decision victory over Mike Jefferson.  The Russian Southpaw slugger ended his career with a mark of  10-1, 8 ko's.

I have these bouts available on DVD:

1. BRIAN FLEMING          [tko-4]
2. TYRONE KING             [ko-1]
3. DANIEL PEREZ             [w-6]
4. JAMES STOKES            [tko-2]
5. MIKE BROWN              [tko-by-4] (Stopped on Cuts)

1. Michael Moorer #2 -1165

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Carl "The Squirrel" Daniels opened his pro career on Nov. 1, 1988 with a 4 round unanimous decision over Terry Parnham.  He built up a record of 26-0, 17 ko's before challenging Terry Norris for the WBC Jr. Middleweight world title.  Daniels was stopped in the 9th round of that bout, but he went on to win the vacant WBA Jr. Middleweight Championship with a 12 round unanimous decision over Julio Cesar Green in 1995.  He also won the USBA Light Middleweight, NABF Middleweight, and WBF Middleweight titles.  Carl was stopped by Derek Edwards in his last pro bout August 29, 2009.  I have the following Carl Daniels bouts available on DVD:

1. WILBURFORCE KIGGUNDU           [tko-4]
2. DANIEL SCLARANDI                       [w-6]
3. KENNETH KIDD                               [tko-3]
4. TERRY NORRIS                                [tko-by-9] {WBC Jr. Middle Title}
5. LOUIS HOWARD                              [w-10]
6. LAURENT BOUDOUANI                 [L-12} {WBA Jr. Middle Title} (*Quick HL)
7. PURCELL MILLER                           [w-12] {USBA Jr. Middle Title}
8. BRIAN BARBOSA                            [w-12]
9. BERNARD HOPKINS                      [tko-by-10] {WBC/WBA/IBF Middle Titles}
10. NICOLAS CERVERA                     [w-12] {NABF Middle Title}
11. CHAD DAWSON                           [tko-by-7]
12. TARVIS SIMMS                             [L-6]


1. Ed Hopson


Nickname: "Too Slick, Too Quick"

 Donald Camarena's pro debut came on May 19, 2002 with a 4th round stoppage of Daniel Almanza at the Riviera Casino resort in Black Hawk, Colorado.

   His last pro bout came on Jan. 31 of 2009 and was an 8 round decision victory over Abel Perry.  Donald faced some world class opposition in his short pro boxing career, and he picked up the WBC Continental Americas Light Welterweight title along the way.  He also fought for the NABF Light Welterweight title, dropping a decision to Herman Ngoudjo.

   He finished his pro career with a record of 20-5, 9 ko's.  His slick and tricky defensive counter punching style made him a challenge for anyone that stepped into the ring with him.

Donald Camarena's Entire pro ledger

 I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. JAMES CRAYTON                            [w-12] {WBC Continental America's Jr. Welter Title}
2. JORGE ALBERTO PADILLA JR.      [w-10] {WBC Continental America's Jr. Welter Title}
3. PAUL MALIGNAGGI                        [L-10]  {WBC Continental America's Jr. Welter Title}
4. FRANS HANTINDI                           [w-10]
5. TIMOTHY BRADLEY                       [L-10]
6. CARLOS MOLINA                           [L-8]

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Nickname: El Rojo  

   Marcos Badillo was born in Mexico City, and fought out of El Cajon, California.  He made his Professional Debut as a bantamweight on March 13, 1993, and fought his last pro bout as a Jr.
Lightweight in May of 2009.

   Badillo was a scrapper who fought for the vacant NABO Bantamweight Title, being stopped by Mauricio Martinez in the 10th round at the Anaheim Pond in August of 1998.

   Marcos won 15 of his first 18 bouts.  He ended his pro boxing career with a record of 18-38-1, 7 ko's.  I have the following bouts of his available on DVD:

1. CARLOS NAVARRO                   [tko-by-3]
2. FRANKIE ARCHULETA             [L-DQ-by-6]
3. VICTOR POLO                            [L-6]
4. LUIS FUENTE                              [L-6]
5. GILBERTO CORRALES              [ko-by-1]
6. JORGE MUNOZ                          [w-6]
7. ANTONIO CERMENO               [L-8](Rds. 1, 7, & 8 of 8 Only)
8. NESTOR ROCHA #2                   [L-8]

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Nick Acevedo finished his carrer with a record of 17-2, 9 ko's.  This New York City banger started his pro career in the Jr.Welterweight division in 1992, and had his last pro bout at Jr. Middleweight in 2006 where he ended on a winning note scoring a 6 round decision victory over Nurhan Suleymanoglu (16-4, 8 ko).

   He defeated Marco Antonio Lizarraga for the IBA Intercontinental Welter title via stoppage in round 6 on Nov. 11th, 2000.  He also fought in the 2006 season of the television program "The Contender".  I have the following bouts of Nick's available on DVD.

1. JOHNNY MOLNAR             [tko-9]
2. LEON PEARSON                 [nc-1] (Head Butt stops bout)
3. CARLOS BOJORQUEZ        [w-10]
4. VINCE PHILLIPS                 [L-10]
5. JEFF FRAZA                         [w-5] (Contender HL Version)
6. STEVE FORBES                   [L-5] (Contender HL Version)

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