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Nickname: "Frisco"

   Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and later moving to Bloomington, Illinois, after a successful amateur boxing career, Francisco Arreola turned pro on 2/13/86 with a decision win over Gabriel Garcia (5-1).  After just 6 pro fights, he was called to face world rated Loris Stecca (44-2-1, 31 ko's) in Italy and answered the call holding this former WBA World Champion to a home town draw.  Only 3 months later, Francisco was called back to Italy, this time facing Maurizio Stecca (24-0, 9 ko's).  Arreola dropped a 10 round decision to the man who would go on to become WBO World Featherweight Champion.  After just 8 pro bouts, his record was 5-1-2, 1 by ko.  He had faced 2 World Champions on foreign soil, and looked impressive.  He then went on a 13 win streak and stepped in to face Amos "Sweet Pea" Cowart (9-7, 5 ko's) for the Florida State Featherweight Title Belt.   Arreola won a lopsided unanimous decision to pick up his first title belt, and become an adopted Son by Florida fight fans. 
   He continued his winning ways with 10 more victories in a row, including wins over Jerome Coffee in Macao China, and a 12 round victory over  Manuel Santiago for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Super Bantamweight Title.  Climbing fast in the world rankings, Arreola defeated Mexico's Eduardo Montes (17-13-2, 12 ko's).  It was Nov. 22 of 1997 when Frisco faced off with Jose Alfonso Rodriguez (9-2-2, 5 ko's) for the FECARBOX Jr. Lightweight Title.  Arreola was stopped in round 10 of a bruising battle held at the Clearwater Auditorium in Florida.  On October 24, 1998 Arreola stepped into the ring for his last pro bout, facing legendary World Champion Juan Manuel Marquez who was 26-1, 19 ko's at the time, to challenge for the NABO Featherweight Title.  Marquez stoppped Arreola in the 3rd round. On June 22, 2014 Francisco was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame.
   Francisco Arreola finished his pro career with an impressive record of 29 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws, and 8 wins by knockout. 

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If you would like to see Francisco Arreola in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

LORIS STECCA                   [Draw-8]
SONNY LONG                    [w-8]
HENRY URCUYO                [tko-2]
ED POLLARD                       [w-10]
AMOS COWART                 [w-12] {Florida State Feather Title}
STEVE WHETSTONE          [w-8]
EDUARDO MONTES          [w-12] (Missing rds. 1 & 2)

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Nickname: Powerhouse

  Eric Holland was originally from Philadelphia, PA but fought much of his career out of Alamogordo, NM.  After going 3-1 in the amateurs, he turned pro on Feb. 26, 1986 and stepped into the ring to face Chris Eubank, losing a 4 round decision to the man that would go on to become a legendary World Champion. 

   His career got off to a rocky start going 1-6-2 in his first 9 pro bouts.  He fought on, and became a fan favorite at the legendary Blue Horizon auditorium in Philadelphia.  It was Nov. 17, 1992 when he took on and defeated undefeated contender William "The Hammer" Jones (19-0, 15 ko's).  He then faced 2 world champions in a row - Julio Cesar Green, and Ronald "Winky" Wright, dropping decisions to both of them.  Next he went on a 7 fight win streak which included a big win over undefeated Scotty "The Body" Smith (22-0-1, 14 ko's), and a convincing 9th round tko win over William "The Hammer" Jones in their rematch.  The winning streak was halted when he lost a razor thin but unanimous decision on scores of 94-96, 94-96, and 95-96 to world ranked contender Curtis Summit.

   On Nov. 9, 1996 Holland fought for and won his first title belt with a 12 round decision victory over Jose Cataneo for the vacant WBB Middleweight Title.  But it was his first defense of that belt that caused a buzz in the boxing world as Holland defeated former world champion Lupe Aquino by unanimous decision in Hollywood, California.  World Champions Gerrie Coetzee and Carlos Palomino fought on the undercard of that title defense.  Eric lost his title belt in his 2nd title defense with a split decision loss to Jose "Shibata" Flores in Ruidoso, NM.  He got the chance to fight for the IBA Jr. Middleweight Title but lost a decision to champion Bronco McKart. 

   He continued campaigning in the middleweight and Jr. middleweight divisions, going 2-15 in his last 17 bouts facing contenders and world champions in that stretch including:  Quirino Garcia, Merqui Sosa, Julio Garcia (twice), Lonnie Bradley, and Rodney Jones.  Eric's last pro bout came on June, 21 2003 where he dropped a 6 round decision to then undefeated super-middleweight Jason Bray.  Eric was always a fan favorite, lacking 1 punch knockout power, he made the most of his fearless style and world class heart.  He ended his pro career with a record of: 22-33-3, 4 ko's.

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If you'd like to see Eric Holland in boxing action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. WILLIAM "The Hammer" JONES #1 (Missing Rd. 4)            [w-10]
2. JULIO CESAR GREEN                                                         [L-10]
3. SCOTTY SMITH                                                                  [w-10]
4. WILLIAM "The Hammer" JONES #2                                    [tko-9]
5. TYRONE HAYWOOD  (Rds. 5-8 of 8 ONLY)                    [w-8]
6. JAMES HUGHES                                                                 [w-10]
7. CURTIS SUMMIT                                                               [L-10]
8. ISRAEL "Pepo" FIGUEROA  (Final Rd. ONLY)                  [tko-4]
9. JOSE CATANEO                                                                 [w-12] {Vacant WBB Middle Title}
10. LUPE AQUINO                                                                 [w-12] {WBB Middle Title}
11. JOSE "Sibata" FLORES                                                      [L-15] {WBB Middle Title}
12. MARIO ORTIZ                                                                  [w-10]
13. BRONCO MCKART                                                    [L-12] {Vacant IBA Jr. Middle Title}           
14. LIONEL ORTIZ                                                               [L-6]
15. MARTIN QUIROZ #1                                                     [tko-6]
16. JULIO GARCIA #1                                                           [L-6]
17. TIM SHOCKS                                                                [L-10] {C.A.M. Super Middle Title}

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Nickname: "Motor City"

   Oba Carr was a wonderfully skilled boxer/puncher who came out of Detroit, Michigan.  After building an incredible record of 168-8 as an amateur, he turned professional at age 17.  December 22, 1989 was the night that Carr served notice of his presence with a 1st round knockout over Cincinnati Ohio's Marcus Reed.  He built up a record of 20-0 with 14 ko's before stepping in against former world champion Livingstone Bramble on Oct. 8, 1991 at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  It was a wild bout with Carr going down twice in the first round.  He showed heart and got off of the canvas to battle back and win a 10 round split decision. He continued his winning ways and after 32 straight victories in Dec. of 1994, 5 years after turning professional, he finally got his chance to fight for the IBF World Welterweight Title against undefeated champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad (24-0, 20 ko).  It was an exciting showdown of unbeaten fighters.  Carr dropped Trinidad in the 2nd round, but Tito rose up to battle back and drop Carr twice in round 8 en route to a tko victory.  After tasting defeat for the first time, Carr scored 3 straight impressive KO victories and challenged undefeated Derrell "Too Sweet" Coley for his NABF Welterweight Title belt. Carr won a very close split decision that night, and picked up his first title belt.  It was Oct. 4, 1996 when he would take another shot at a world title, this time it was the WBA Welter title, and it was in the hands of undefeated champion Ike Quartey (32-0, 28 ko's).  Carr lost a Majority decision that night on scores of  112-112, 109-117, and 109-116.  He then ran off another undefeated streak of 10 straight fights including wins over Jaime "Rocky" Balboa, Ross "The Boss" Thompson, Frankie "The Surgeon" Randall, and a draw against fellow Detroit star Anthony "Baby" Jones.  It was May 22, 1999 when Carr took his record of 48-2-1, 28 ko's into his 3rd and final World Title Challenge, this time against undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion Oscar Delahoya (30-0, 24 ko's).  It was an impressive performance but Carr was stopped by Delahoya in round 11.  It was 2 fights later that Carr would score a big win over former world champion Luis Ramon "Yori Boy" Campas (74-3, 63 ko's), stopping him in 8 rounds.  12 1/2 years after his first pro fight, Oba fought his last professional bout on May 18, 2002 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV.  He dropped a 10 round decision to Kuvanych Toygonbayev (17-1, 12 ko's).  Kronk Gym's Oba "Motor City" Carr finished his career with a great professional record of 54 wins, 6 defeats, 1 draw, with 31 of his victories by knockout.

Oba Carr's complete Pro record

If you would like to see Oba Carr in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD:

1. MARCUS REED                                [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. RUDY FUENTES                               [tko-2]
3. ROBERT VASQUEZ                          [tko-3] (*Final Rd. only)
4. ANTHONY FLETCHER                     [ko-3]
5. MARTIN QUIROZ                              [w-10]
6. LARRY BENSON                               [w-8]
7. VLADEMIR FRANCO                        [ko-4] (*Quick HL ONLY)
8. PAT BRENNAN                                  [tko-1]
9. DAVID TAYLOR                                 [w-10]
10. RAMON ZAVALA                             [w-10]
11. BERNARD GRAY                              [ko-5]
12. LIVINGSTONE BRAMBLE                [w-10]
13. ALBERTO ALCARAZ                         [w-10]
14. ERSKINE WADE                                [tko-4]
15. ROLAND COMMINGS                      [w-10]
16. MIGUEL ANGEL DOMINGUEZ         [ko-5]
17. GILBERTO FLORES                           [tko-2]
18. PEDRO "Chinito" SANCHEZ                [tko-by-8] {IBF Welter Title}
19. FELIX TRINIDAD                                [tko-by-8] {IBF Welter Title}
20. DERRELL COLEY                               [w-12] {NABF Welter Title}
21. IKE QUARTEY                                    [L-12] {WBA Welter Title}
22. JAIME "Rocky" BALBOA                     [w-10]
23. ROSS THOMPSON                              [w-10]
24. ANTHONY "Baby" JONES                   [Draw-10]
25. ALFRED ANKAMAH                           [w-10]
26. VERDELL SMITH                                 [w-8]
27. FRANKIE RANDALL                           [w-10]
28. OSCAR DELAHOYA                            [tko-by-11] {WBC Welter Title}
29. LUIS RAMON "Yori Boy" CAMPAS    [tko-8]
30. KUVANYCH TOYGONBAYEV           [L-10] (*Oba Carr's LAST Pro Fight)

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