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Boxing and Disney theme parks in one book? DISNEY TALE OF THE TAPE is now available!

  A book only a Disney Parks fan (and/or Boxing Fan) could love!  If you enjoy going to Walt Disney World, or Disneyland, you just may get a kick out of this Disney parks book that has a boxing twist.  Author Dan Sisneros has been involved in the sport of boxing for over 25 years in many different capacities.  Pro Boxing judge in the 1990s,  writer of "Southwest Line" for Pro Boxing Update/Flash, host of "The 8-Count Boxing Hour" on Albuquerque's public access channel 27, co-host of "Rising Stars Boxing" on New Mexico's CBS affiliate, the source for scouting video to some of the biggest stars in the sport, and is currently an editor with

   If you ever thought "Which is better?  The Matterhorn at Disneyland, or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney world?"  Let's put 'em in the ring and find out!

  How it started   
   While sitting at his PC, an e-mail came in from Bob McLain - the publisher of Theme Park Press.  He asked Dan if he would consider writing a book based on the old column for the Disney Dispatch website.  A little surprised, and scared.  "Yeah", he thought, "the column was fun but book worthy?  Hmmm?".  The uncertainty turned to curiosity, so he wrote back and talked it over a bit.  That was July 8th 2016.
It's not a boxing poster, it's the cover of Disney Tale of the Tape - Theme Park Boxing

   Well, a little over 5 months later.... HERE IT IS!  Disney Tale of the Tape is Dan's first attempt at writing a book, and he hopes it won't be the last.  It has been quite a journey getting this project to press.  Here are a few of the twists and turns along the way:

  The Format Evolution   
   The Column's format featured matchups of some popular Disneyland and Walt Disney World experiences with only 1 judge - Dan.  He would write up the categories (rounds), and then score the bouts along with two fictitious judges scoring the bouts.  The bouts were decided by Dan his self, because it was fast, and it was the only way to have a shot at  meeting the bi-weekly deadline (that he usually missed) for the column.  Mr. McLain was very gracious, and really did not push the deadline.  After a little research, he'd then write up a "Tale of the Tape" - some facts about the contestants.  Next, he would think up some categories to use for rounds, and score the bouts.  This was a few years before his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service, so time was tight, coming home from work exhausted, but he would dig in, write up a battle, and send it in.

This was the logo for the original column at Disney Dispatch

   The book started out with the same idea in mind, just write up the battles, and then score each "round" to come up with a winner.  Then Dan thought "Hey, who cares what I think?  Why not have some REAL Disney experts as judges!"  So he started reaching out to some of his favorites from the Disney Fan community to see if they would like to be part of this project.  Each bout now features Dan plus two "Disney Celebrity" Judges doing the scoring.

  Putting Together a Team    
   The first person Dan turned to was his friend Len Testa.  Len is the co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, and he was one of the co-hosts of the WDW Today podcast, he is still an occasional guest/co-host of the show in it's current format, a great show!  Dan had corresponded with Len in the past, and found that he's quite the boxing fan, so he was asked about writing the foreword for the book.  Len responded very enthusiastically, and Dan says he felt a bit more confident having the Len Testa on his side!  At the time, the format had not yet changed, so all he was asking for was a foreword for the book.  That changed later, and Len was totally on board with being one of the "Disney Tale of the Tape Boxing Judges"!

Next, the book needed some color, so Dan contacted some of his friends from the world of pro boxing.

Ring Announcers:  Lupe ContrerasHenry TafoyaBob Alexander, and Dom Zarrella all said "Yes!" to using their names in the book.
Dan co-hosting "Rising Stars Boxing" with Henry Tafoya in 1999

You need Referees for any boxing match, so Dan contacted some of boxing's very best:  Rocky BurkeLaurence Cole, Russell MoraWoody Kislowski, and Zac Young (Zac is also a judge for one of the matches, turns out he's a huge Disneyland fan!) all answered the bell, and if you are not a boxing crazed nut, just check out the records of each of these guys in - they are all World Class Referees!
And there is one "special" Referee - Retired Pro Wrestler Frank Goodman (The Masked Maniac) who works some of the bouts.  His Disney World Junkies facebook page has over 140,000 subscribers, and he has arms bigger than Gaston!  Dan says he wasn't about to say "no" to The Masked Maniac refereeing some of the bouts!
Dan with Referee Rocky Burke in 2012

You can't score a pro boxing match without the judges (Mr. Sisneros should know, he used to be one!), so again, he reached out to some of his personal favorites.  Some gave a polite "No Thank You", but most gave an enthusiastic "You Bet!" and the list includes some names that you will no doubt recognize if you are a true Disney Parks fan and what a line-up it is!

The Judges for these Disney parks experiences:

*JERRY CORNELL - Theme Parkology (, and co-host of Living the Dream Podcast
*RANDY CRANE - Author of Faith and the Magic Kingdom, host of Stories of the Magic Podcast

 *JIMMY  HORNE - Owner of Once Upon a Time Travel, and co-host of The Disney Nerds Podcast

  *KRISTA JOY -, and co-host of Living the Dream Podcast

*DAVE KENNEDY - Host of the Dave's Disney View Podcast, and a former Disney World cast member

*GARY MERRITT - Get this, he is a retired world class Pro Boxing judge who worked over 1, 600 bouts over 37 years, all over the world!  And... he has been to Walt Disney World over 50 times!

*NATHAN PALMER - he's an Indiana Pro Boxing judge, who has been in the sport since 2003.  He's worked over 750 bouts, and going strong!  He is an editor at and he's a huge fan of Walt Disney World, he was an instant fit!

*JOHN SACCHERI - The host of, and one of the subjects featured in the Documentary The Disney Dream Finders

*MONICA SEGURA - This lady is a total Disney parks fan.  She has a degree in Physical Education and has attended quite a few boxing events.  She is totally qualified to judge these bouts.  Oh, and did we mention, She's Dan's Daughter! It's in the blood!

 *LEN TESTA - Host of the Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill Podcast, and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

There are also two of his dear friends from the world of boxing that make an appearance:

*JOHN KLEMIATO (Boxing Judge with the Nebraska Boxing Commission)- as Deputy Inspector of the Disney Tale of the Tape Boxing Commission
*DAN CUSHNER (Former Boxing trainer/Cut-man) - as Cut-man for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

What an all-star lineup of officials to score the bouts.  It is Their remarks in the book that make it a fun read.
Dan with his Wife Tammy at Disneyland in 2011 (at the time, Dan had no idea that  one day in the future, that big mountain behind him would be taking on Big Thunder Mountain in a clash of titans!)

  The Match-ups!  

There are 14 Matches in the book.  It's a night of boxing (Disney Parks style) that you will never forget!  Take a look at the card, and if you have experienced them, go ahead and set the odds on who YOU think will win each of them:

Bout 1)  THE GRAND FIESTA TOUR Starring the Three Caballeros (Epcot - World Showcase)
JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION with Figment (Epcot - Future World)
(Our opening bout)
Bout 2) LEFOU'S BREW (Magic Kingdom) vs DISNEYLAND MINT JULEP (Disneyland)
(Can this much sweetness be contained in one ring?!)
Bout 3) CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN' (Disney California Adventure)
ROCK 'n' ROLLER COASTER (Disney Hollywood Studios)
(For the Coaster Division Championship!)
Bout 4) AMERICAN MUSIC MACHINE (Epcot - America Gardens)
(May the best group win!)
Bout 5) HAUNTED MANSION (Disneyland) vs HAUNTED MANSION (Magic Kingdom)
(It's Brother vs Brother in this match that Disney fans thought would NEVER Materialize!)
Bout 6) The PIRATE ROOM (Caribbean Beach Resort)
The ROYAL ROOM (Port Orleans Riverside)
(For the Moderate Themed Resort room title belt)
Bout 7) MONSTERS INC. - Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (Disney California Adventure)
MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE (Disneyland)
(Dark Ride division title belt is at stake!)
Bout 8) IMPRESSIONS DE FRANCE (Epcot - France Pavilion)
REFLECTIONS OF CHINA (Epcot - China Pavilion)
(a bout with national pride on the line!)
Bout 9) THE JUNGLE CRUISE (Magic Kingdom)
KILIMANJARO SAFARIS (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
(Who will become "King of the Jungle"?)
Bout 10) CARTHAY CIRCLE (Disney California Adventure)
HOLLYWOOD BROWN DERBY (Disney Hollywood Studios)
(A battle of classy theme park eateries... in Black & White of course!)
Bout 11) DINOSAUR (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
( Pooh puts his undefeated record on the line against a very HUNGRY contender!)
(Snack Division Championship!)
(King of the Mountains Title Bout)
Bout 14) PRINCE CHARMING REGAL CARROUSEL (Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland)
STITCH'S GREAT ESCAPE (Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland)
(A special GRUDGE match like no other!)
The Author with his "Research Staff" (His "Disney Sweeties") - (L to R) Monica, Sadie, Tammy, and (front) Ava at Disney Springs in May, 2016

  Other Content   
There is also a foreword by Len Testa, an introduction, and appendix's which feature Dan's Disney Sideand Dan's Boxing Side, a listing of all the officials who contributed to the book, and even a crash course on How to score a professional boxing match. 
Boxing legend - Alexis Arguello

The late great - Johnny Tapia
The hardest part of the whole project was the final days.  The waiting to see the final proof copy, then the cover art, then waiting for the book to actually become available.  It was tortuous.  I felt a little like an expectant father waiting for his new child to be born!  I'm too old for this!  But its finally here, and I really do hope you will have some fun with it.  But watch out - you just might get hooked on Disney parks, or the sport of Boxing!  One can only hope.   -Dan Sisneros

The back cover pretty much tells "the Tale of the Tape" for the book!

The legendary "Hands of Stone" - Roberto Duran
Former WBA World Champion - Austin Trout

It took nearly half a year to put together, but here it is.  I hope you will pick up a copy, and most of all, I hope that you will get some enjoyment out of it!  Reviews are always welcome too, no matter how you score the book!

Dan with one of the judges from the book (Monica) blasting off on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

To purchase the book directly from Amazon:
Click HERE to order Disney Tale of the Tape directly from Amazon


For signed Copies ($14.95 + 3.00/shipping) contact Dan at:



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