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Nickname: The San Fernando Hammer

Alex Garcia turned pro on Feb. 6, 1987 with a 1st round knockout of Cliff Melbourne at The Country Club in Reseda, CA.  He won his first title with a 12 round unanimous decision over Jerry Jones for both the NABF and WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Titles in Dec. of 1992.  Garcia suffered his 2nd loss in a shocking upset at the hands of Mike Dixon in Las Vegas, NV in June of 1993.  He later avenged that loss with a convincing 10 round decision victory over Dixon in the rematch.  In 1995 Alex lost his bid for the USBA Heavyweight title, with a unanimous decision loss to defending champion Buster Mathis Jr.  Alex's last pro bout was a tko-3 loss to Wallace McDaniel in Memphis Tennessee.  Garcia finished with a pro record of 40-6-1, 29 ko's.
Alex Garcia's Pro Record

I have the following Alex Garcia boxing matches available on DVD:

1. CLIFF MELBOURNE                        [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. WILLIAM CAMPUDONI                  [ko-1]
3. BILL DUNCAN                                 [tko-1]
4. BERNARD BENTON                        [tko-2]
5. LADISLAO MIJANGOS                   [tko-3]
6. ROCKY SEKORSKI                        [ko-1]
7. JERRY GOFF                                    [tko-2]
8. MIKE EVANS                                  [w-10]
9. ARTHUR WEATHERS                    [ko-2]
10. MIKE WHITE                                [tko-2]
11. MATTHEW BROOKS                  [tko-2]
12. OSSIE OCASIO                            [tko-8]
13. JERRY JONES                               [w-12] {Vacant NABF Heavy Title}
14. MIKE WILLIAMS                          [tko-5] {NABF Heavy Title}
15. ERIC CURRY                                 [tko-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
16. MIKE DIXON #1                           [tko-by-2] {Vacant WBC Cont-Am Title}
17. JAMES WARRING                        [Draw-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
18. GARING LANE                             [tko-by-2]
19. EVERTON DAVIS                        [w-10]
20. JOE HIPP                                      [L-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
21. MIKE DIXON #2                          [w-10]
22. EDDIE DONALDSON                  [w-10]
23. GEORGE STEPHENS                   [tko-3]
24. BUSTER MATHIS JR.                   [L-12] {USBA Heavy Title}


1. Teofilo Stevenson
2. Wesley Watson
3. Viacheslov Yakolev

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  1. Alex was one of my favorite fighters to watch growing up on USA Network Tuesday night fights.

    1. He was fun to watch. I always rooted for Alex Garcia!