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Nickname: "El Torito"

   Rugged Tony Ayala Jr. opened his pro career at the Royal Palace Ballroom in San Antonio Texas with a quick 1 round KO over 40 fight veteran Zip Castillo.  He went to 21-0, 18 ko's before personal trouble put an apparent end to his fast soaring career in the ring.  He stopped Carlos Herrera in Nov. of 1982 and it looked like his career was over.  But 17 years later, at age 35, on August 20, 1999 he made his return to the ring with a 3rd round tko win over Manuel Esparza at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio.  He went 5-0 winning all 5 by ko before running into former world champion Yori Boy Campas and being stopped between rounds 8 and 9 for his first pro loss.  He would win 4 straight, 3 by ko and finally got a world title shot against Anthony Bonsante for the vacant IBA Super Middleweight Title.  Ayala was stopped in the 11th round and that was his last pro bout.  He created lots of excitement in the boxing world, and one can only imagine what would have been if he had not lost those 17 years along the way.  If you would like to see him in action, I have the following Tony Ayala bouts available on dvd:

1. MIKE BAKER                                               [w-8]
2. JOSE LUIS BALTAZAR                                [tko-2]
3. MARIO MALDONADO                                [ko-3]
4. PAT HALLACY                                             [ko-4]
5. JERRY CHEATEM                                        [tko-6]
6. NICANOR CAMACHO                                [w-10]
7. JOSE BAQUEDANO                                     [ko-1]   
8. JJ COTTRELL                                                [tko-8](Missing end of fight)
9. STEVE GREGORY                                        [tko-3]
10. CURTIS RAMSEY                                       [w-10] (Missing Decision for Ayala)
11. ROBBIE EPPS                                              [tko-1]
12. CARLOS HERRERA                                    [ko-3] (*1 Min. HL ONLY)   
13. MANUEL ESPARZA                                   [tko-3]
14. TONY MENEFEE                                        [tko-8]
15. GERALD COLEMAN                                  [ko-2]
16. LUIS RAMON "Yori Boy" CAMPAS          [tko-by-8]                   
17. SANTOS CARDONA                                  [w-10]
18. MANUEL LOPEZ                                        [tko-2]
19. URBANO GURROLA                                  [ko-2]
20. ANTHONY BONSANTE              [tko-by-11] {Vacant IBA Super Middle Title} (*Last Pro Bout)
Amateur Bouts:     
1. Lamont Kirkland(A)-341
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