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New Mexico boxer Steve Barreras started his pro career on August 22, 1988 winning a Unanimous decision over Eddie Hernandez.  He fought his first 5 fights on the road in California before returning to his home town of Albuquerque, NM and taking a 4 round decision victory over fellow New Mexican Danny Almanzar.  His toughness made him a favorite opponent to test potential stars on their way up.  His record includes bouts against some great names including:  David Sample, Robert Wangila, Skipper Kelp,  and World Champions Ike Quartey, and Yori Boy Campas.  Barreras never fought for a title and had his last bout on Aug. 3, 1994 ending on a winning note against Anthony Ayon.  He ended with a record of 10-11, 3 ko's.  I have the following Steve Barreras bouts available on DVD:

1. DANNY ALMANZAR                                 [w-4]
2. ROBERT WANGILA                                   [tko-by-6]
3. SKIPPER KELP                                            [tko-by-6]
4. BENJI MARQUEZ (Rds. 1,2,3,5,7 & 10)     [L-10]
5. IKE QUARTEY                                            [tko-by-3]
6. JIMMY HILLHOUSE                                   [w-6]
7. PAT BRICENO                                            [L-8]
8. ANTHONY AYON                                     [w-8] (Steve Barreras' LAST Pro Bout)

Steve Barreras Pro Career

1. Freddie Jaramillo
2. George Gamez
3. Steve Maestas
4. Blay Bossell
5. Mario Gonzales
6. Vern Holden

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