Friday, November 8, 2013


Whether you called him "Thunder" or "The Boogie Man" Jesse Ferguson was a heavyweight that took on all comers.  Between his Jan. 12, 1983 Pro Debut and his final Pro bout on Jan. 30, 1999, he really did face just about every big name heavyweight in the division.  Though he never won a world title, he did win the ESPN heavyweight tournament in 1985.  He lost in his only world title bid, being stopped by Riddick Bowe in round 2.  He also came up short in challenges for the USBA and NABF title belts.  He finished his career with a record of 26-18, 16 ko's.  If you would like to see him in action on DVD, I have the following Jesse Ferguson bouts available:

1. JAMES "Buster" DOUGLAS                   [w-10]
2. TONY ANTHONY                                [w-10]
3. CARL "The Truth" WILLIAMS               [tko-by-10]
4. MIKE TYSON                                       [tko-by-6]
5. JAMES "Bonecrusher" SMITH                [L-10]
6. ORLIN NORRIS                                    [L-12] {NABF Heavy Title}
7. OLIVER MCCALL                                [L-10]
8. BRUCE SELDON                                  [tko-by-5]
9. MICHAEL DOKES                               [L-10]
10. TONY TUBBS                                    [L-10]
11. RAY MERCER #1                               [w-10] (*Court TV Version)
12. RIDDICK BOWE                                [ko-by-2] {WBA Heavy Title}
13. ROCKY PEPELI                                 [tko-9]
14. RAY MERCER #2                               [L-10]
15. FRANK BRUNO                                [tko-by-1]
16. LARRY HOLMES                               [L-10]
17. JEREMY WILLIAMS                         [tko-by-7]
18. ALEX STEWART                               [L-10]
19. DANELL NICHOLSON                    [tko-by-8]
20. SAMSON PO'UHA                            [tko-8]
21. HASIM RAHMAN                             [L-12] {USBA Heavy Title}   
22. OBED SULLIVAN                             [w-10]
23. ANDREW GOLOTA                         [L-10] (*Jesse Ferguson's LAST Pro Bout)

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