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Ray "Sucra" Oliveira was a masterful boxer who took on anyone in the division.  His pro career got off to a quick start with a 2nd round KO over Joe Goss in July of 1990.  He then reeled off 13 straight victories before his first loss by decision to Terry Southerland.  He fought for the WBO and IBF Jr. Welter world titles just 4 months apart, losing to Zack Padilla, and Jake Rodgiguez, both by decisions.  In April of 1997, he won the NABF Jr. Welter title with a decision victory over Charles "The Natural" Murray.  In Jan. of 2003 he won the IBU Welter title by stopping Lorenzo Smith in round 6.  He fought his final Pro bout on July 8, 2005, losing by tko in round 8 to Emanuel Agustus.  Ray was a fan favorite for sure, and he finished his pro career with a record of 47-11-2, 22 ko's.  Check out these bouts on DVD:
1. RICKY MEYERS                                            [L-10]
2. SERGEI ARTEMIEV                                     [L-10]           
3. ROBERT HIGHTOWER                               [ko-2]
4. TRACY SPANN                                              [tko-6]
5. ZACK PADILLA                                             [L-12] {WBO Jr. Welter Title}
6. JAKE RODRIGUEZ                                      [L-12] {IBF Jr. Welter Title}
7. CHARLES "The Natural" MURRAY #1     [w-10]
8. CHARLES "The Natural" MURRAY #2     [w-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
9. REGGIE GREEN                                           [L-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
10. VERNON FORREST                                   [L-12]
11. FITZ VANDERPOOL                                  [Draw-10]
12. CIHAT SALMAN                                        [w-10]
13. VIVIAN HARRIS                                        [w-10]
14. ISAAC CRUZ                                               [tko-6]
15. VINCE PHILLIPS                                        [w-12] {Vacant NABF Jr.Welter Title}
16. BEN TACKIE                                               [L-12] {NABF Jr. Welter Title}
17. OMAR WEIS                                               [Draw-10]
18. SAUL DURAN                                             [tko-9]
19. BRYON MACKIE                                       [w-10]
20. RICKY HATTON                                        [ko-by-10] {WBU Jr. Welter Title}
21. EMANUEL AGUSTUS                               [tko-by-8] (*Ray Oliveira's LAST Pro Bout)  

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