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Nickname: "Irish" Sean

Hard punching Cruiserweight Sean McClain started his pro boxing career on July 21, 1988 with a 1st round knockout over Tony Massey.  He quickly ran his record to 9-1, 9 ko's before giving up nearly 20 pounds and facing heavyweight contender Joe Hipp at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The fight was stopped at the end of the 4th round resulting in a tko win for Hipp. 

   Sean fought for and won the vacant IBC Cruiserweight Championship on June 29, 1994 with a 1st round tko over Kevin Wyrick.  McClain was mentioned as a possible opponent for Thomas Hearns a few times, but that bout never materialized.

   He fought his last pro bout on March 10th of 2007, going out with a 2nd round tko win over Vernon Woodward.  Sean finished his pro boxing career with a mark of 23-8-1, 21 ko's. 

Click here to see: "Irish" SEAN MCCLAIN'S ENTIRE PRO LEDGER

If you want to see this cruiserweight wrecking ball in action, I have the following bouts available on DVD...

1. TOM MASSEY                                 [ko-1] (Pro Debut)
2. DEAN BETHUNE                             [tko-3]
3. TRACY THOMAS                            [L-4]
4. SYLVESTER RAMSEY                    [tko-1]
5. RANDOLPH MARTINEZ                [tko-1]
6. PAUL BRADSHAW                         [tko-2]
7. TIM MORRISON                             [tko-5]
8. JAMES SMITH                                 [tko-1]
9. MATT BELCHER                             [tko-1]
10. RICKY NELSON                           [tko-1]
11. JOE HIPP                                        [tko-by-4]
12. LIONEL BUTLER                          [Tech-Draw-1](*announced as win for Mcclain)
13. STEVE CORTEZ                             [tko-1]
14. SCOTT FUSCI                                [ko-1]
15. GENE MIERA                                 [tko-1]
16. KEVIN WYRICK                           [tko-1] {Vacant IBC Cruiser Title}
17. EFREN OLIVO                               [tko-1]
18. SERGIO AGUIRRE                         [tko-1]
19. JEAN CLAUDE LEUYER               [tko-2]
20. DAVID ROBINSON                       [tko-1]
21. GUY SONNENBERG                     [ko-1]
22. JOHNNY MCCLAIN                     [tko-by-3]
23. MARTIN LOPEZ                            [ko-1]
24. TRENT "ALON" SURRATT #1      [tko-by-5]
25. TRENT "ALON" SURRATT #2      [w-8]

1. Phillip Nicole(A/CO/Raw) -v640 

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