Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Nickname: "The Eastern Beast"

John Brown fought from Featherweight to Welterweight.  At 5' 4" he had to overcome his height deficit with aggression and heart.  Because of that he became a promoter's dream and a fan favorite.  He opened his pro career with a 3rd round tko of Martin Rivera in June of 1989.  He lost in his first 5 title fights, but finally earned a belt in June of 2000 with a 12 round unanimous decision victory over Robbie Peden for the NABF Jr. Lightweight Title.  He would fight twice more for World Titles, but lost both of those efforts.  John's last pro fight came on Feb. 11, 2011 where he was stopped by Ricardo Williams Jr. in 6 rounds.  John Brown was all heart for sure.  He ended his professional boxing career at 24-19-2, 11 ko's.  Check him out on these DVD bouts:
1. BERNARD PRICE                                          [w-6]
2. PETER NIEVES                                              [w-8] 
3. FREDDIE LIBERATORE                               [w-8]
4. JUAN NEGRON                                            [w-10]
5. LAMAR MURPHY                                        [L-10]
6. RICARDO RIVERA                                       [tko-9]
7. SANTOS "Sal" LOPEZ                                   [tko-7] {Vacant USBA Jr. Lightweight Title}
8.  HAROLD WARREN                                     [L-12] {USBA Jr. Lightweight Title}
9. JESUS CHAVEZ                                            [L-12] {NABF Jr. Lightweight Title}
10. ANGEL MANFREDY                                  [L-12] {WBU Jr. Lightweight Title}
11. GABE RUELAS                                            [tko-8]
12. SHANE MOSLEY                                        [tko-by-8] {IBF Lightweight Title}
13. FRANCISCO CRUZ                                    [w-10]
14. DIEGO "Chico" CORRALES                        [L-12] {IBF Jr. Lightweight Title}
15.  JUAN CARLOS SUAREZ                           [w-10]
16. STEVE FORBES #2                                     [L-12] {IBF Jr. Lightweight Title}
17. MIGUEL COTTO                                         [L-10]
18. ALEJANDRO "Cobrita" GONZALEZ          [L-10]
19. DAMIAN FULLER                                       [Draw-10]
20. LAMONT PETERSON                                [tko-by-8]
21. VERNON PARIS                                         [L-8]
22. LANARD LANE                                          [L-6]

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